Watch lawmakers grill Robinhood's CEO at GameStop hearing

At the House Financial Services Committee hearing on GameStop, lawmakers aimed some of their harshest questions at Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev.
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  1. rwe ewr

    rwe ewr4 hours ago

    1:00 why do i get flashbacks of south parks episode of the bp oil leak

  2. Vitaliy Fursov

    Vitaliy Fursov4 days ago

    a gang of lazy people discuss BS... meanwhile China, Communist China, build, makes and develops! producst, infrastructure, culture, etc.

  3. Tyson Zahner

    Tyson Zahner4 days ago

    Reason why everybody should have a profitable investment running. People need money

  4. Lieutenant Pepper

    Lieutenant Pepper6 days ago

    How can you trust the CEO of Thievery... Robin Hood!

  5. Lieutenant Pepper

    Lieutenant Pepper6 days ago

    « Look im sorry » lmao

  6. Lieutenant Pepper

    Lieutenant Pepper6 days ago

    I like Maxine Waters she does say sometime crazy stuff but she cool

  7. Ali Walil

    Ali Walil6 days ago

    To sum it up - RH CEO: "OOps, we are sorry, life goes on"

  8. rbizzy dot

    rbizzy dot6 days ago

    oooh he goooon jaaail

  9. Sharon Martinez

    Sharon Martinez6 days ago

    Robinhood's CEO - Mr. Vlad Tenev - is not a straightforward guy like Keith Gill. Keith Gill handled himself much more professionally.

  10. StayWokeTv

    StayWokeTv6 days ago

    Here come “Vlad the Stock Impaler”😂

  11. BVNK

    BVNK6 days ago

    How does someone use so many words just to say nothing?

  12. theinvisibleman

    theinvisibleman6 days ago

    Whos the bad guy? CNN obviously

  13. M Smithy

    M Smithy6 days ago

    Vlad Tenev should go directly to jail and his assets seized.

  14. orlando garcia

    orlando garcia7 days ago

    If someone talked as Vlad they will be incarcelated for obstruction of justice

  15. Your Brother

    Your Brother7 days ago

    vlads got citadels hand so far up his ass he's a puppet

  16. Serra Veskai

    Serra Veskai7 days ago

    Grilled him? More like he Fried Water

  17. Victor Wroth

    Victor Wroth7 days ago

    These politicians act like they care so much but they would screw you guys over with as little hesitation as this chump

  18. BossFinale

    BossFinale7 days ago

    Oh damn, wasn't even trying to hide reading off a teleprompter

  19. The Cheese Lord

    The Cheese Lord7 days ago

    I don’t like Vlad at all but why did you guys start this video with the biggest crook of all.

  20. hemmingway 101

    hemmingway 1017 days ago

    Sorry? people lost money you piece of sheyt. GRILL this Adam Driver wanna be!

  21. Mide Oyediran

    Mide Oyediran7 days ago

    I despise people like Vlad Tenev. Corporate crimimals.

  22. Soul.

    Soul.7 days ago

    Vladamire Dracula

  23. TF Ltd.

    TF Ltd.8 days ago

    Yes or No. "I appreciate the question. So to answer the question. Look I'm sorry for what's happening. I apologise"🤣

  24. M G

    M G8 days ago

    Oh I get it John Prick

  25. Wonder Land

    Wonder Land8 days ago

    Once you make money and become part of the government this is what you can do .they will mentally fuck with you. They treat him like a child . All of them saying we don’t have much time is the biggest insult. They are the one that requested the interview and for them to say “we don’t have that much time” shows a lot. I observed and learn that’s all I do .

  26. ThanksIfYourReadIt

    ThanksIfYourReadIt8 days ago

    If I would be on a hearing like that, i would state before hand that any question asked that can be answared by yes or no will be ignored. And ofcourse I would also ask, is that understood? Yes or no!

  27. 9bridges

    9bridges8 days ago

    Such a tool

  28. Zack Fair

    Zack Fair8 days ago

    Change the rules when you lose. Best.

  29. Brad Beck

    Brad Beck8 days ago

    Try to entrap someone by forcing them to answer "yes or no" without being able to provide context🙄🙄🙄. Anyone that's played 20 questions knows that not everything is as black and white as "yes or no" ie: the object you're thinking of is a television and the person asks "would you find it in a bathroom?" You could just say yes, because sure, some people have a bathroom TV. You could say no, because a lot of people don't. But depending on the person, your answer could be INCREDIBLY misleading in getting to the truth. It is best to provide all context "well, I would say most people don't have this in the bathroom, but I know that you do, in fact, have this in your personal bathroom." The only people that demand a yes or no are those blindly trying to persecute and have no interest in the pursuit of knowledge, truth and justice.

  30. Alex Xander

    Alex Xander8 days ago

    He learnt it from CNN and Democrats. Anytime someone commits a crime, they justify it by tales about their ethnic origin and upbringing, and when its about winning and success it's all because of their personal qualities and genius and hard work!

  31. Catnip Hunter

    Catnip Hunter8 days ago

    I don’t believe any news video that’s cut up like this

  32. // Mellow Vibez //

    // Mellow Vibez //8 days ago

    Congress: why did you manipulate markets? Vlad: You see I was just a boy from Bulgaria

  33. Terintia Flavius

    Terintia Flavius8 days ago

    The politicans going after the regular people for hedge funds... Why do any of you actually think anyone in DC is for the people

  34. Marc Macaluso

    Marc Macaluso8 days ago


  35. Darksaige

    Darksaige8 days ago

    VLAD TENEV is skating around every question and answering nothing at all. JAIL THIS YOKO

  36. Mokus Green

    Mokus Green9 days ago

    Vlad, get in jail for 30 years. Robin Hood the name is so wrong.

  37. its kitsu

    its kitsu9 days ago

    HF's and dogs 🍆

  38. Travis Tate

    Travis Tate9 days ago

    "Thank you congressman, I appreciate that question as I'm sure you know by my haircut and demeanor I am a full fledged douchebag who will skirt around all questions asked of me." -Vlad Dirtbag CEO of Robbin' the Hood and other subsidiaries

  39. Got Spooked

    Got Spooked9 days ago


  40. Keanu

    Keanu9 days ago

    bruh he looks like lord farquad

  41. Arthur Sleep

    Arthur Sleep9 days ago


  42. Samantha Trowbridge

    Samantha Trowbridge9 days ago

    He looks like his breath stinks

  43. Black Music Record Prod

    Black Music Record Prod10 days ago

    Dammm they need or need to paid back for us

  44. Joao Martim

    Joao Martim10 days ago


  45. Lourenco Lucas

    Lourenco Lucas8 days ago

    The long term trades are doing amazingly well while the short term trade requires precision in its execution but gosh, they do amazing when you are on the right side.

  46. Lourenco Lucas

    Lourenco Lucas8 days ago

    100% of my students made a profit last month ( the ones who followed the rules) and I am so proud of them.

  47. Rafael Diogo

    Rafael Diogo8 days ago

    You just have to do more research and listen to professionals that have been doing it long before you.

  48. Rafael Diogo

    Rafael Diogo8 days ago

    forex trading nowadays is a big chance to make money for everyone.

  49. Pedro Tiago

    Pedro Tiago8 days ago

    But since then I haven’t even been able to make the fortune I had in mind.

  50. R Tre

    R Tre10 days ago

    she said.. "but could you answer yes or no" ...and obviously he couldn't answer just yes or no... don't ask "could you" and not accept the options in the answer when the question has options when you say " could you"

  51. Philadelphia Swift

    Philadelphia Swift10 days ago

    DFV Chad vs. Virgin Vlad

  52. Catnium

    Catnium10 days ago

    woman nr2 needs to lay down the botox needles

  53. Jon A

    Jon A10 days ago

    Wow he is a douche.

  54. D3rr1ng

    D3rr1ng10 days ago

    Honestly as a business owner it always makes me mad to listen to these useless politicians think they know better then the people who run the companies they invite to hearings. Even when I don't like the company.

  55. Devon Martin

    Devon Martin10 days ago

    This guy is better at dodging questions than the politicians. It's funny seeing them get pissed at the runarounds that they are used to giving.

  56. Charles Volz

    Charles Volz10 days ago

    His answers sound like they were kicked out of a Robin Hood commercial

  57. SlitheryShank Gaming

    SlitheryShank Gaming10 days ago

    Only disliking this video because I don’t want CNN in my recommended 😂

  58. Jhonka

    Jhonka10 days ago

    What a rebel.

  59. NOSHOT187U Shmangbang

    NOSHOT187U Shmangbang10 days ago

    Is that john wick....wth..

  60. Gauge Lesaux

    Gauge Lesaux10 days ago

    CEO of Robinhood looking like an ugly ass deflated Trevor Moore

  61. Nathan

    Nathan10 days ago


  62. Hadley Torres

    Hadley Torres10 days ago

    This is fucking ridiculous! The government gives money to higher ccorporationsand forgive massive loans, then said corporations buy back stocks and artificially inflate values and that's okay? But gamestop!

  63. EvilDeAD1 Runs on poon

    EvilDeAD1 Runs on poon10 days ago

    Criminals yelling thief lol 😂. America applauds you sir.

  64. Alex Reed

    Alex Reed10 days ago

    Non of these "Lawmakers" have any concept of how the stock market works. Maxine Waters was opting to pay back the people who lost money from GME and AMC... how far disconnected from reality is that.

  65. Kristian Gurkov

    Kristian Gurkov10 days ago

    If all of us were in Tenev's position we would of done the same thing. Who is Jim A. Himes to question him anyway? That guy was the vice president of Goldman Sachs up until the 2008 crash, then he turned into a politician.

  66. Josh S

    Josh S10 days ago

    Vlad was most likely threatened by the hedge funds to stop it, or he's in their pockets.

  67. Age of Reason

    Age of Reason11 days ago

    He said the same thing verbatim as Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress.

  68. Lynn Joseph

    Lynn Joseph11 days ago

    GME look like its about to do some numbers this week I hope. I didn't sell anything from when I purchased anything from about a month ago. Once I make my money back and hopefully more. I'm closing down my robinhood. They don't want to see the little eat

  69. Ryan G.

    Ryan G.11 days ago

    Well I feel reassured!

  70. Elena Pietrafesa

    Elena Pietrafesa11 days ago

    The robinhood guy looks like he's about to throw up.

  71. Onyx Mist

    Onyx Mist11 days ago

    People who hadn’t invested before investing money they otherwise would have spent hahaha what does that have to do with anything

  72. Gringo loko

    Gringo loko11 days ago

    Lmfao. This guy watched the zuckerberg congress tapes yo prep for this haha. Saying the same as mark was saying and then giving a different answer lol

  73. sammhy

    sammhy11 days ago

    Here we go again with the restrictions like are these rich people idiots don’t they’ve another round of hearings with congress what excuse are they going to have for doing the same thing today with GameStop surging 200%

  74. N.

    N.11 days ago

    What does the United States officials want reddit to do restrict free speech?

  75. N.

    N.11 days ago

    These politicans acting like they care if the little guy gets hurt what a joke. The Robin hood guy stopped the trading because the people who owned them were the same hedge fund that was losing their butts on trying to short the consumer out of the market. Citadel is a joke so corrupt Griffin should go to jail for forcing Robin hood to restrict trade. Nothing will be done.

  76. stephan felasca

    stephan felasca11 days ago


  77. Mikel Collins

    Mikel Collins11 days ago

    Just having to look at maxine is punishment enough even if he did do something wrong.

  78. Paraplegic octopus

    Paraplegic octopus11 days ago

    Waitress at his favorite restaurant: "What will you be ordering today, sir?" Vlad: "I appreciate the question..." Waitress: ''Oh, not this sh*t again... damn it!!!"

  79. Alec MacNeil

    Alec MacNeil11 days ago

    3:30 Ken Griffin sounds slightly like Joe Machi

  80. Inferno

    Inferno11 days ago

    Get wrecked robinhood, wanna watch it happen again?

  81. 80sGuy

    80sGuy11 days ago

    Damn, he's got the hair to match the name too. All he need is a feather.

  82. Ex Tempetus

    Ex Tempetus11 days ago

    AH shit! hEre wE gO aGaiN....Round 2 for $AMC and $GME get in before the rocket totally leaves!!!

  83. Stephanie Agreda

    Stephanie Agreda11 days ago


  84. C DUBZ

    C DUBZ11 days ago

    He should be put in jail

  85. C DUBZ

    C DUBZ11 days ago

    He is a crook

  86. P4TTL

    P4TTL11 days ago

    She's the female piers morgan

  87. cutepinkbandanaman

    cutepinkbandanaman11 days ago

    The real problem is that Robin Hood allows retail investors to have the power to start short squeezes. If lawmakers had problems with any other aspect of the company they would have changed regulations years ago.

  88. free2express08

    free2express0811 days ago

    Uninstall Robinhood if you haven't already.

  89. Jr Gettem

    Jr Gettem11 days ago

    This guy avoided every question he's a f****** scam artist

  90. Bobby Boucher

    Bobby Boucher11 days ago

    What is the difference between Market Maker and Market Manipulator?

  91. 80sGuy

    80sGuy11 days ago

    Same flea on a different dog.

  92. Bobby Boucher

    Bobby Boucher11 days ago

    Well of course Mr. Griffin would say that.

  93. Fillinyourname

    Fillinyourname11 days ago

    Robin Hood CEO should go to jail.

  94. Rated R

    Rated R11 days ago

    Why do most of these CEOs of Facebook Robin Hood Twitter and other platforms that have to stand trial have in common ? They’re all very good at dodgeball 🔴

  95. Ivan L

    Ivan L11 days ago

    Citadel CEO saying they play by the rules of road is a laugh. An absolute joke. Vlad you effd everyone trying to get in on GME to finally take advantage from an opportunity that rich do to the middle class and poor on a daily basis. Eff you and your company

  96. Jr. KING

    Jr. KING11 days ago

    I’m sorry please don’t take my toys

  97. Irving Tamez

    Irving Tamez11 days ago

    What TF are they interviewing Dimitri Martin

  98. tommy i-opener

    tommy i-opener11 days ago

    They robbed the hood

  99. jonathan snyder

    jonathan snyder11 days ago

    Everyone should be transferring their accounts away from Robinhood. It's clear they do not care about their customers and most likely didn't have the capitol to pay out everyone's investment. Additionally, look up their policy on Crypto. They do not sell shares of it, only IOUs of sorts, and also restrict stop loss options that protect the investor. It's a setup

  100. DBZ Guru

    DBZ Guru11 days ago

    Imagine wanting someone to answer yes or no and then you get mad when they use freedom of speech to speak 🗣

  101. Jason Robbins

    Jason Robbins11 days ago

    Democrat politicians trying to act Like they have morals. Glad these guys took Wall Street to the cleaners lol. Mrs Waters shouldn’t be lecturing anyone to include roaches and Rats.

  102. Frank Wiles

    Frank Wiles11 days ago

    why us james brown questioning anyone? grimey person she is,

  103. Krad

    Krad11 days ago

    Most people mad have no idea what even happened smh

  104. WrestlingJesus

    WrestlingJesus12 days ago


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    Hana akemi12 days ago

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  109. Akane chiyo

    Akane chiyo11 days ago

    I am pretty sure that soon enough a lot of people will regret not having at least one Satoshi in their wallet.

  110. Robert William

    Robert William11 days ago

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  111. bonke kunene

    bonke kunene12 days ago

    Vlad is the type of guy to rehearse in the mirror.

  112. lynchingacers

    lynchingacers12 days ago

    robing hood sus, super guilty