Italian town reflects on one year of living under a pandemic

February 22, 2021 marks one year since Italy's first Covid-19 lockdown -- the first major lockdown in Europe. CNN's Delia Gallagher returns to Codogno, Italy, where the country's first case of community transmission was recorded.
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  1. Leech

    Leech10 days ago

    And all those Chinese tourists got away with it too when they hugged people claiming they were not virus in February (videos still on USlikes btw) before March hit and all hell broke loose.

  2. Henry Julie

    Henry Julie12 days ago


  3. John Dean

    John Dean11 days ago

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  4. John Dean

    John Dean11 days ago

    All of yall are BOTS

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  8. jay ever

    jay ever12 days ago

    I wonder, what's wrong with Italy .. various parts of the world, the Covid cases have started to fall .. Even over ... why Italy ... going up the mountains won't go down .... .... Want to break the world record x.x

  9. Mithras Rose

    Mithras Rose12 days ago

    mask and social distancing just isn't working folks, everyone should be wearing goggles and ear protection too. Full body suits should be mandatory, for gosh sakes its our lives we are talking about. 12 ft apart!

  10. Chris Young

    Chris Young12 days ago

    The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

  11. Name 108

    Name 10812 days ago

    Life will never go back to what it was until everyone on Earth is fully vaccinated and we have zero cases of the virus. Until then I think the lockdowns should continue indefinitely for everyone's safety.

  12. Jonathan F

    Jonathan F12 days ago

    1 year later and people still refuse to make a difference

  13. Cucciolo Luccioco

    Cucciolo Luccioco12 days ago

    People are finally getting the sense that we are being systematically hypnotized. Moreover, all these absurd measures also awaken people from that intoxication of superficial materialism, and the definition of happiness is rightly called into question. These are times to think about things that really happened back then. To reflect on existential life questions. And also, especially now that we are being driven apart, with us as a society. What connects and unites us. Prabhupadabooks . com

  14. Tina Ferraro

    Tina Ferraro13 days ago

    The new prime Minister is out destroy Italy. Many are dying with the caccines.

  15. Richard Mc kenzie

    Richard Mc kenzie13 days ago

    Constitution of volume of the cooperative republic of vollumenius .

  16. cannabis hound

    cannabis hound13 days ago

    What I want to know is how many nursing home deaths in New York , the real number ,

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  18. H.P. Moonraine

    H.P. Moonraine13 days ago

    A lot of people think here in Europe that you in the US never had a lockdown, and that some things are a little bit strange in the US. Just an opinion.

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    Bernard Fernandez13 days ago

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  25. Ghawkphd

    Ghawkphd13 days ago

    -- This is the Greatest Crimes Against Humanity in history... The media, science community and politicians that are perpetuating this narrative are knowingly stacking the numbers and must be held accountable. If the mass asymptomatic PCR testing with fraudulently high Cycle Thresh-hold (CT) ended today, the pandemic (by definition of an actual pandemic of "lethality" rate NOT case numbers) would literally be over tomorrow. This one factor alone, is driving the false data, narrative and hysteria, NOT science! / -- Pfizer former chief respiratory research scientist (Dr. Yeadon) Most in depth honest information on C19 -- Dr. Rodger Hodkinson Top Pathologist & PCR expert: must listen / -- Top biostatistic epidemiologist Rockeffer University. (herd immunity is the Only way) Lock-down causes more deaths than the virus. -- Dr. Bhattacharya Prof. Stanford University. Lock downs far more harmful than the virus (under 70 years old, 99.95% survival) -- Evidence data, CDC manipulating data. -- Florida (now known as the scientific state) data proving masks and Lock-downs do absolutely nothing : -- Sweden Denial, empirical data showing the utter uselessness of China ideological lock downs:

  26. Richard Frerks

    Richard Frerks13 days ago


  27. WIll Jones

    WIll Jones7 days ago

  28. D Legionnaire

    D Legionnaire13 days ago

    THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ..............................

  29. Tony Pitsacota

    Tony Pitsacota13 days ago

    Biden saying the *N WORD*:

  30. Sooper Gaming

    Sooper Gaming13 days ago

    Vaccinated people can not only still spread covid but allow the virus to build resistance to vaccine and mutate.

  31. Ram 4570

    Ram 457013 days ago

    I just ordered my impeach Biden / Harris T-shirt and mask!

  32. Anthony 111

    Anthony 11113 days ago

    LOL!!! MUST WATCH!!! Biden Faces Charges!!!

  33. Des Tiny

    Des Tiny13 days ago

    Tell Delia to stop saying "Uh" so much.

  34. man ant

    man ant13 days ago


  35. Mario Tango

    Mario Tango13 days ago


  36. Mysong Vang

    Mysong Vang13 days ago


  37. JIB23

    JIB2313 days ago

    The Mother of all test wow how ironic that statement is only some will understand

  38. Kobe Virus Hoax

    Kobe Virus Hoax13 days ago

    Fake news 📰

  39. Anthony 111

    Anthony 11113 days ago

    Trump Won By A Landslide!!! New Facts!!! 221 thousand Pennsylvania votes switched from Trump to Biden 941 thousand Pennsylvania deleted from system 2.7 million votes were deleted Nation wide 435 thousand nationwide switched from Trump to Biden

  40. Pirates Fate

    Pirates Fate13 days ago


  41. Trump Clearly Lost

    Trump Clearly Lost13 days ago


  42. Kobe Virus Hoax

    Kobe Virus Hoax13 days ago


  43. Rock Wilson

    Rock Wilson13 days ago

    What about living under Andrew Cuomo pandemic killing of innocent elderly why no story CNN

  44. Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler

    Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler13 days ago

    There's some stuff going on with that telephone pole in Colorado though... No doubt about that!

  45. Salty Sapper

    Salty Sapper13 days ago

  46. Home of The Free

    Home of The Free13 days ago

    Trump Derangement Syndrome makes Q-Anon look like Childs Play.

  47. Brent Nuckolls

    Brent Nuckolls13 days ago

    CumO going to jail !

  48. Trump Clearly Lost

    Trump Clearly Lost13 days ago

    GiulianI going to jail

  49. Roughneck Garcia

    Roughneck Garcia13 days ago


  50. Sandy X

    Sandy X13 days ago

    So they removed the covid death count after Biden won??

  51. Mitch Mitchell

    Mitch Mitchell13 days ago

    CNN the Communist news network.

  52. Trump Clearly Lost

    Trump Clearly Lost13 days ago

    Fox News the conservative news network

  53. stephen7072

    stephen707213 days ago

    China virus

  54. ab vevo

    ab vevo13 days ago

    I was so excited when they lockdown Illinois, best choice they could have made. I love we're still under restrictions almost a year later! Democrats you rule🤘🇺🇸

  55. Eastwood

    Eastwood12 days ago

    Lockdown happened with a republican president and republican senate. The virus doesn't give a crap about politics.

  56. jadis40

    jadis4013 days ago

    Hope that's sarcasm. Only idiots would cheer on their own imprisonment.

  57. Cliff Medina

    Cliff Medina13 days ago

    What happened to Global Warming? I'm freezing my Ass off!

  58. Kobe Virus Hoax

    Kobe Virus Hoax13 days ago


  59. Michael44

    Michael4413 days ago

    WHINY LIBERALS=Classify everyone according to their race and not as an individual: Always loudly acknowledge the skin color of every person you talk to and make it the main subject of the conversation. If you are white, do not have any black friends: This may trick you into thinking you aren't racist. To help atone for our racist past, try some casual segregation: Create safe spaces where everyone is segregated by race, gender, and gender identity. It's the only way to achieve unity. Anyone who objects to this is racist. Always have extremely low expectations of minorities: Be sure to constantly remind them they can never overcome their circumstances without your help. Vote for policies that sound virtuous, no matter how much they actually harm people of color: Always vote for policies with virtuous-sounding names, even if they destroy black and brown communities. Appearance is everything!

  60. Chuck Cox

    Chuck Cox13 days ago

    Tanden is part of Joe's unification strategy.

  61. Primitive NV

    Primitive NV13 days ago

    Why did Italy still attack by covid-19?

  62. philly car keys

    philly car keys13 days ago

    Why does the mayor wear lipstick ?

  63. R T

    R T13 days ago

    "the living under a pandemic" Starfire must've done that headline

  64. Richard Fox

    Richard Fox13 days ago

    No, a few weeks of living with illness, nearly a year of dictatorship.

  65. R T

    R T13 days ago

    Update: CNN fixed the headline 😂 kinda disrespectful after Starfire put in work smh

  66. Richard Taylor

    Richard Taylor13 days ago

    Started reflecting on my own 2020 and missed the whole damn segment. Damn.

  67. M2300

    M230013 days ago

    CNN all will be revealed, and you know it!!!!!!

  68. Trump Clearly Lost

    Trump Clearly Lost12 days ago

    @M2300 Fox News is the most propaganda

  69. M2300

    M230012 days ago

    @Trump Clearly Lost Good riddens to the lot of um. Fox news lol...really!!!!!!

  70. Trump Clearly Lost

    Trump Clearly Lost13 days ago

    Fake news Fox News will be cut off and you know it

  71. Fereydon Neyrizi

    Fereydon Neyrizi13 days ago

    The US political system is based on slavery. It does not matter what mule kills this cart. The ruling regime in the United States uses the resources of this country for several families who are connected to Zionism. The United States has become a colony of Zionism. Democracy and freedom are a toy in this system of government..

  72. Justin Schmiedel

    Justin Schmiedel13 days ago

    I don't feel safe please 😬😃😂 🆘 help me

  73. Savannah Burke

    Savannah Burke13 days ago

    Why don't report on the real news this morning? Hmmmmm? MAGA !!!

  74. Hissen Daud

    Hissen Daud13 days ago

    I think Italy is moving in the tight direction, I'm a health worker and have been vaccinated against corona virus, i trust doctors nurse's and health worker's

  75. Stand Stand

    Stand Stand13 days ago

    Wheres Biden ?

  76. WIll Jones

    WIll Jones7 days ago

  77. JourneyMan Smitty

    JourneyMan Smitty13 days ago

    No matter how bad things good for as long as we're still alive there is hope one day we'll reclaim this world🤔

  78. JourneyMan Smitty

    JourneyMan Smitty13 days ago

    @Robin Marcone Cassidy RN you're welcome🙏

  79. Robin Marcone Cassidy RN

    Robin Marcone Cassidy RN13 days ago


  80. D J L

    D J L13 days ago

    99,000 COVID deaths since January 20th here in the US

  81. Emme Jay

    Emme Jay13 days ago

    Prayers for Italy from America 🙏🏿🇺🇸❤

  82. WIll Jones

    WIll Jones7 days ago

    @Andre Guardarrama

  83. Emme Jay

    Emme Jay13 days ago

    @Andre Guardarrama Yes, yes. I'm looking forward to the world healing this year! Prayers needed all over the world.

  84. Andre Guardarrama

    Andre Guardarrama13 days ago

    Last year was hard but let’s never talk about last year, let’s move on 2021 hope 2021 is a lot better than last year. Let’s see everyone in the world and United States learned last year

  85. The Young Guard

    The Young Guard13 days ago

    Hello, I have some questions that anyone is free to answer. How do you feel about the rise in gas prices after Biden's attack against the oil and gas Industry? And how do you feel about Biden sending troops to the middle east?

  86. Red Seek

    Red Seek13 days ago

    Hey why aren't you covering this!? Bidens NOT my President!

  87. It's just me

    It's just me13 days ago


  88. WIll Jones

    WIll Jones7 days ago

  89. Mm

    Mm13 days ago

    How about you reflect on Biden getting rid of our energy independence, killing US jobs and opening our borders? You know, things that matter...

  90. Moussaoui Ahmed

    Moussaoui Ahmed13 days ago


  91. Braxton Smith's

    Braxton Smith's13 days ago

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  92. Andrea Marino

    Andrea Marino13 days ago

    As your foreign correspondent from Rome said, the vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly, mainly because the pharmaceutical companies have not kept the agreements made in Europe on the amount of vaccines to distribute along the entire country.

  93. President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    President Elect Jeffrey Smith13 days ago

    Biological weapons treaty. Guess that's out the window?

  94. Robby

    Robby13 days ago

    american news is horrible, why do they talk that way? american non existent attention span? holy hell, its time for americans to learn french, italian, spanish and german to see REAL news for REAL people.

  95. SJA

    SJA13 days ago

    The impeachment of Cuomo, aka; the Butcher of New York has begun. Next up, CNN

  96. Jake Be

    Jake Be13 days ago

    And the USA reaches 500,000 DEAD because of Trump incompetence and many Americans ignoring or denying Covid...stunning disaster. Hello to Italy from an Italian in Pennsylvania. Prayers to you

  97. SK

    SK13 days ago


  98. Ryan Leach

    Ryan Leach13 days ago

    Germ Theory cannot be used as science to prove the existence of germs or viruses which are merely genetic fragments, RNA or exosomes and function to detox and expel toxins from the body.

  99. The Smoke 1 Show.

    The Smoke 1 Show.13 days ago

    I like this.

  100. SJA

    SJA13 days ago

    Cancel Culture is coming after you! In the United States, we have an iron triangle between the Democratic party, and the media and corporations. The media and the democrats agree on virtually everything. Democrats have an agenda, the media pushes that agenda, then the media and the democrats pressure corporations to do their bidding in order to foster this agenda. "Unofficially" they're allowed to use threat in order to make clear what exactly they want to happen. This results in corporations pushing to cram down a particular point of view on you, and then, cancel you!

  101. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff13 days ago Texas my homeland

  102. Moly Daily News

    Moly Daily News13 days ago

    That is so sad history Stay safe all..

  103. Primitive NV

    Primitive NV13 days ago

    Yes, so sad.

  104. Lucius Maximus

    Lucius Maximus13 days ago

    The left is petty and weak and that's why America does not like you.

  105. Gulzareen Khan

    Gulzareen Khan13 days ago

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  106. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name13 days ago

    We're are the mask, I see people walking with no mask

  107. Elliott 300

    Elliott 30013 days ago

    China released the virus, and supported Biden.... all i gotta say

  108. Michael Harry

    Michael Harry13 days ago

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE

  109. 959 Leap

    959 Leap13 days ago

    Stocks are dood

  110. Raven R

    Raven R13 days ago

    Court documents reveal CNN and NBC, each, had a $35,000 contract with BLM activist John Sullivan for him to film the Jan 6. Capital Riot. The contract proves the riot was pre-planned and CNN and NBC knew about it, in advance ( and may have financed it)

  111. Womenthe Eleanor

    Womenthe Eleanor13 days ago

    nice to work with you!

  112. Tim Chumita

    Tim Chumita13 days ago

    It’s like 30K for a share of Bitcoin so hope this is meant for the super rich😂

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    Ruben Alexander13 days ago

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  114. Ameri Can

    Ameri Can13 days ago

    Meanwhile in the States, you can't fly into this country without a negative covid test...buts it's fine to cross our border illegally without one. Leftists hate America

  115. US. abc

    US. abc13 days ago


  116. robr2190

    robr219013 days ago

    Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google, USlikes , Apple and mainstream media have gone way over the line. Mainstream media has always misinformed, sensationalized and lied. Usually for profit. Now they do all that, plus censorship and hiding information. Social media has also jumped on board. Social media silences any information that they don’t agree with. Or is not the same politics as theirs. They don’t report news. They attempt to create news.Censorship is done in communist countries. Everyone should do themselves a favor, and boycott all of them. They aren’t really giving facts anyway!

  117. Tranny Finger Fudge Jeffy

    Tranny Finger Fudge Jeffy13 days ago

    I lick myself every morning.

  118. Jessie G

    Jessie G13 days ago

  119. Globe255

    Globe25513 days ago

    Just wait, the stupidity isn't over yet. As soon as they see cases going up, the horror will be "painted" in their faces.

  120. MANCHAKA !

    MANCHAKA !13 days ago

    How many people have been murdered by biden so far? To many!


    INJIJI COMEDY13 days ago hhhh

  122. tom wool

    tom wool13 days ago

    EU countries have become police states. Scary.

  123. Romans 12:21

    Romans 12:2113 days ago

    We are being taken into communism for our sins much like Israel was taken into Babylon for their sins against God.

  124. Afghan wanderer

    Afghan wanderer13 days ago

    I made a video about lockdown in uk

  125. Jessica Neill

    Jessica Neill13 days ago

    Have a great day!

  126. Jerry Deford

    Jerry Deford13 days ago


  127. Buck You

    Buck You13 days ago

  128. WIll Jones

    WIll Jones7 days ago

  129. Blame the rich Jews in the American government.

    Blame the rich Jews in the American government.13 days ago

    15 months to flatten the middle class

  130. Void Phenomenon

    Void Phenomenon13 days ago

    What is wrong with your profile picture and username? Are you okay?

  131. Jennifer Jaggers

    Jennifer Jaggers13 days ago

    Breaking News: On Wikipedia: Executive Order 13959. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  132. Support open borders for Israel

    Support open borders for Israel13 days ago


  133. The Future

    The Future14 days ago

    The truth will reveal dont wory about that

  134. Tranny Finger Fudge Jeffy

    Tranny Finger Fudge Jeffy13 days ago

    I farted.

  135. The Future

    The Future14 days ago


  136. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton14 days ago

    Explain to me: why Biden is still in office when he had a prosecutor fired for his son Biden. Why? Explain? The Impeachment showed Democrats committing TREASON to the POTUS Trump between 2016 to 1/20/2021 on TV etc. Explain? TREASON was committed against POTUS Trump and nothing is happening to these Politicians? Explain? The whole world can see it.

  137. John Yost

    John Yost13 days ago

    First remove the lies you swallowed whole without chewing so there is room for reality. You are nuts!

  138. Ricky Swinson

    Ricky Swinson13 days ago

    Trump and his enablers should be locked up for Treasonous act toward our Democracy. yes the world is watching and laughing at the sorry Republican Senate and Congress

  139. Bill York

    Bill York14 days ago

    99.5% SURVIVAL RATE. BRIX Says government is classifying all deaths of patients with Corona as COVID19 death's, regardless of cause. WHY? Hospital's recieve more money. CDC said only 6% died of covid. No cancer, heart, suicide's etc . All covid. All a LIE. PLANDEMIC. EVENT 201. THEY TELL YOU IF YOU ONLY LOOK. African president of Burundi calls covid a hoax, expels the WHO and is then SUDDENLY found dead. Strange time's indeed.

  140. President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    President Elect Jeffrey Smith14 days ago

    Stupidity, the real epidemic in America. So let me get this straight. We lost over 50,000 military troops in Vietnam, 500,000 civilian deaths so far in our war with China, and America hasn't fired one shot. Got it.

  141. Knowledge and Power

    Knowledge and Power14 days ago

    it's worst situation now.till then no one taking care seriously to Covid. bussines, media, government no one taking covid seriously . it is shameful also who is neglecting this fatalic penadmic. we worry when people will in shane and break the chain of penadmic. for break the pendamic long term timetable need to implement very strict till covid break . every one is taking temporary reamidy about it so situation is getting worst day by day. stay safe stey home is must.

  142. Barry Stints

    Barry Stints14 days ago

    At least Italy didn’t have a giant orange as president! They were better off than the United States all these right wingers here not wearing masks and not social distancing!!!! Luckily we have adults back in the White House now 😌