Dr. Fauci explains why we might be wearing masks in 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci shares his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic as the US approaches the grim milestone of 500-thousand deaths from Covid-19. He also explains why Americans might still need to wear masks in 2022.


  1. Super Man

    Super Man35 minutes ago

    Fauci is a liar

  2. Alaitain

    Alaitain4 hours ago

    Stephen King Novel, The Dead Zone. (The Plague) episode.. Had been copied Catted. Stephen King isn't getting his Royalties...

  3. Alaitain

    Alaitain4 hours ago

    P on Dr. Falsey. He's wants People too wear Mask, so he can keep getting $$$$$$$s.. F n liar ! Hypocrite.. Dr Falsey has been caught in Lying, about Covid-19. He changes his Mind and Views.

  4. Nathan C

    Nathan C7 hours ago


  5. GregC

    GregC10 hours ago

    The clown has spoken flip flop

  6. gianni paladini

    gianni paladini14 hours ago

    Some time ago Dr. Massimo Galli, Director of Infectious Diseases of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, told the press that his department was "invaded by new variants" of the virus Covid-19, representing for these reasons the need for new restrictions. Well, Dr. Galli was denied by his own Hospital, which in a note released by ANSA on 17 February 2021 stated that "some news that appeared in the press regarding 'departments full of variants' referring to the ward of Diseases do not respond to reality and that “currently the percentages of variants identified (verified according to the indications of the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità or on sample checks) are in line with the national average and lower than the regional average " . It would be interesting to know the reasons that push some doctors from different backgrounds to spread false news about Covid-19, susceptible to possible complaints to the judiciary. I wonder if these things also happen in America.

  7. Avenge Dixie

    Avenge Dixie15 hours ago

    This Fauci Quack is the biggest Fraud of all time

  8. Bernie Diveley

    Bernie Diveley17 hours ago

    Fauci is the devil.

  9. Cari Diez

    Cari Diez18 hours ago

    b******* if you get vaccinated you don't need a mask we don't need to mask anyway cuz it's a bunch of propaganda your f****** liars your f****** media controlling son of a b****** f*** your mask we refuse

  10. James

    James23 hours ago

    Why we still asking what fauci thinks. His story changes everytime he talks

  11. Cristina

    CristinaDay ago

    95% efficacy, when you have 99.5 chances to survive??? doesn't make sense to me, anybody can explan?

  12. Abel Moreno

    Abel MorenoDay ago

    I have the solution everybody!...wear 3 masks😌

  13. Manny Montana

    Manny MontanaDay ago

    Dr. Fauci mission impossible fake Mask 🤔 Wake Up Sheeple THEY👁LIVE

  14. Coding Grunt

    Coding GruntDay ago

    Cnn ratings are going to tank.No more trump and you guys are really milking covid

  15. Coding Grunt

    Coding GruntDay ago

    How much they paying Dr fauci to lie on tv

  16. Crossman blue V

    Crossman blue VDay ago

    Because we have a puppet on command and a crazy Nansy controlling him!😂🤣😅👅

  17. Michael Bananas

    Michael BananasDay ago

    For those of you wondering why CNN is going on and on about "QAnon" at the moment, it's really very simple. As this feed shows, even the moderate left are now realising that the reaction from government and media has never been in direct relation to the actual weighted risks of covid, and so the QAnon reporting is an effort to suggest any of you who are (only now) realising that this narrative is a form of manufactured consent from the media and gov are "whacky conspiracy theorists". By presenting the most extreme, fringe conspracies, they are trying to re-frame legitimate criticisms of what is going on as insanity. It isn't insane to believe that, in the fast faced world of social media, an under-performing mainstream media would use apocalyptic language to drag every little bit of drama out of a scary new virus - It has literally saved half of them from collapse. The government will do what it does - react to the social media twitter mob, who then influences the rest of media, until they scare the sheeple enough to get some momentum. Then, the politicians have just "one" priority, instead of the usual million things the media is focusing on - and so politicians can just lockdown every, and they are the "Savior" keeping everyone safe, and then media does their part...We have now found out through yearly death rates that Covid is essentially a worse-than-usual influenza strain, but very marginally, as most moderate branded "conspiracy theorists" have suggested. Health officials aren't "Experts" at societal management, nor are they immune from the understanding that they benefit from framing the virus as deadly, just like the media and gov. Indeed, their advise would be identical if you asked them "how best to get rid of the regular flu". This will keep on going until we stop these people, because if you haven't realised, this story is GOLD for media, public health experts and the politicians, and they don't care....They get their big pay packets, their pensions, their secret holidays....It isn't a conspiracy theory when literally all the stakeholders demanding this insanity benefit from it's continuance...

  18. josie bautista

    josie bautistaDay ago

    What is the best time to get a new public

  19. Lee Foster

    Lee FosterDay ago

    Fauci wants to take this mask thing as far as possible because that is what is keeping relevant and paid

  20. Oto

    OtoDay ago

    I remember when he said that masks wouldn't make a difference! What about that CNN?

  21. Jason Mitchell

    Jason MitchellDay ago

    My crazy smart grandfather said we should scientifically get rid of dr double mask!!🤮 👶🏾vaccine 👶🏾👼🏻🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏼vaccine scares me more then COVID 👼🏻🙇🏾never had a flu shot and only caught twice in my life so idk but no go for me on the jab

  22. D A

    D ADay ago

    Pantomime on string is on CNN great.. how much you paying him cnn?

  23. Michael Grant

    Michael GrantDay ago

    So nobody gonna say anything about Dr. Fauci aka skin mask 2. Look at the neck right above the tie. What the hell is that? You guys man if ya knew better you'd do better

  24. Longsnapper 53

    Longsnapper 532 days ago

    Fuck you Tony. 99% survival rate? I've had the virus and I've had worse head colds. If you're at risk, stay at home.The rest of us have lives to live.

  25. Alec Powers

    Alec Powers2 days ago

    Not wearing mask anyway hate those things

  26. Dave is God

    Dave is God2 days ago

    if we keep listening to this old fool, this will be the DECADE of the mask..ffs

  27. Michael Badolato

    Michael Badolato2 days ago

    Everyone is easily fooled. Look at the bottom on his "mask" moving lol. People should be more worried about how they were duped. 😂

  28. Simi Ikahihifo

    Simi Ikahihifo2 days ago

    Dr Fauci needs a truth pill and CNN is the root of all evil

  29. Zach

    Zach2 days ago

    Y'all are still wearing masks ? I havent worn one since March 2020 😂

  30. 4 Raven

    4 Raven2 days ago

    They are preparing for the next Pandemic.

  31. Souless Valleys

    Souless Valleys2 days ago


  32. Martintotesglocks

    Martintotesglocks2 days ago

    It's all fucken fake

  33. Viviana Viv

    Viviana Viv2 days ago

    His neck 🤔🤔🤔

  34. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith2 days ago

    At first I believed the mask thing, but then I noticed everyone was wearing them and nothing was getting any better. Vaccines are great masks might as well be supper hero costumes

  35. Strength Culture

    Strength Culture2 days ago

    Taking our masks off would be the greatest peaceful protest of all time.

  36. Cristina

    CristinaDay ago


  37. 64maxpower

    64maxpower2 days ago

    I'm going to get a shot every week until I'm super human

  38. 64maxpower

    64maxpower2 days ago

    Ummmm Science. If you don't think you need the shot you will get sick. It's fact

  39. 64maxpower

    64maxpower2 days ago

    We would be in trouble without him. He should run for president

  40. B A

    B A2 days ago

    CNN is disinformation

  41. jadis40

    jadis402 days ago

    CNN is Certainly Not News.

  42. Mike Barrett

    Mike Barrett2 days ago

    Based on the science? How many times has this guy been wrong following the science?

  43. C RA

    C RA3 days ago

    Who believes anything this government hack has to say?

  44. JHaz

    JHaz3 days ago

    Woman in Africa walks hours per day to get water (which is contaminated with all sorts of bacteria) and comes back to her tiny house that has no electricity, thus no fridge, air conditioning, TV, etc. And a bed with no comfortable mattress.... *And doesn't complain* Person is in US on their computer or smart phone sitting in an air conditioned home with running water and all the other luxuries *complains* about having to wear a mask in public while a pandemic phases out....

  45. Bobby R

    Bobby R3 days ago

    Must be a miserable life to work for CNN. Most of the dopes probably don't even know they're manipulating the public. Just Garbage

  46. Bobby R

    Bobby R3 days ago

    "The important thing is not to stop questioning" -Albert Einstein

  47. james swain

    james swain3 days ago

    Hey Dr can you tell us how masks don't work. Like ya did awhile back. Seems all the interviews have been deleted on here just saying.

  48. Grateful Fredly

    Grateful Fredly3 days ago

    "We are looking at the numbers" Yeah, what numbers? From Cuomo? This is looking more like a power control grab than science. What a fraud your platform is telling me this is journalism. This country needs to wake up. Follow the science? Blinded by hate and being told this is intelligent.Shame on you!

  49. K K

    K K3 days ago

    If only people started educating themselves about science , they’d be able to see through it all. The problem is , the average person has no clue what dr fauci is talking about so automatically believe him because he’s a “science expert” and they are not

  50. pozart3000

    pozart30003 days ago

    I wonder does he really believe what he's saying

  51. C5hrc Marxtok

    C5hrc Marxtok3 days ago

    Only the sheep.

  52. capn billys

    capn billys3 days ago


  53. capn billys

    capn billys3 days ago


  54. Reggie M

    Reggie M3 days ago

    Dr Fauci...I think it would be best if you wear 10 masks!! Or however many you need to keep me from hearing your annoying voice EVERYWHERE!

  55. Douglas Bruce

    Douglas Bruce3 days ago

    A virus with a 99.8% survival rate and a vaccine with a 95% effectiveness. Sounds like someone is just trying to sell vaccines. Trust the economic science.

  56. Douglas Bruce

    Douglas Bruce3 days ago

    I've never worn a mask never will, but all in the Biden Admin can wear one forever cause their are no faces there I wanna remember.

  57. Ejole Costea

    Ejole Costea3 days ago

    You lady reporting & believing fakes information, you should also resign or be fired.

  58. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar3 days ago

    have anyone notice dr fauci neck while he is speaking... not sure but i feels some one is wearing mask for Dr fauci..may be m wrong

  59. Buddy Martin

    Buddy Martin3 days ago

    We WILL NOT be waering masks in 2022....we wont be wearing them tomorrow.....those of us who aren't liberal sheep wont be wearing them when we go out of the house TODAY.

  60. Reggie M

    Reggie M3 days ago

    Let’s all (at CNN) hold our breath to hear what the omnipotent Dr. Fauci has to say! After all this is only like the 7th time he’s changed his recommendation.

  61. Charles Chreptak

    Charles Chreptak3 days ago

    Does ANYONE believe this shill???!!!!!!???

  62. X32BBFY

    X32BBFY3 days ago

    This dude has a different story every week.

  63. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones3 days ago

    Liberals should wear masks, nobody needs to hear the $hit coming out of their pie holes

  64. Ginny Murray

    Ginny Murray4 days ago

    They would like to keep us in masks and locked in and closed forever. And they are working hard to shut us up. They have disdain for the people they are supposed to serve.

  65. Jim Ruby

    Jim Ruby4 days ago

    Faucis doesn't have a clue.all he does is follow the money.

  66. Angela Baiers

    Angela Baiers4 days ago

    Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. US was the land of The Free not a dictatorship. citizens

  67. Esperanza J Creeger

    Esperanza J Creeger4 days ago

    Faucing liar 🤥

  68. Esperanza J Creeger

    Esperanza J Creeger4 days ago

    Devastating expose on the vcn. instagram.com/tv/CKm-QlZgeUX/?igshid=19xcfwlqzzdwt The “jab” is the delivery system for Nano-particles and horrifying adjuvants (poisons) that may eventually manifest as auto-immune diseases (AIDS-type illness) and IRREVERSIBLE neurological damage within 3-4 months from taking the shot. Google “You’ll Never Guess What’s in the Tests” (on BITCHUTE) and PLEASE do more research before accepting the DNA modifying “jab” into your body that has the potential to maim and kill to “cull the herd...”.

  69. Sean Hewson

    Sean Hewson4 days ago

    Biden is just keeping Trump's seat warm for a little while.

  70. John Connor

    John Connor4 days ago

    Haha, Tx told fauci fu ahole. Fauci is such a waste of time.

  71. Connie Tooley

    Connie Tooley4 days ago

    Why is the military allowing a virtual take over of the USA by the CCP?

  72. chris

    chris4 days ago

    Why get the vaccine then ? The "Final Solution" death vax brought to you by the very people that say the earth is overpopulated and people should eat grass and bugs.

  73. annie lane

    annie lane4 days ago

    Biden PROMISED he would get rid of covid when we elected him :/

  74. Marissa Ann

    Marissa Ann2 days ago


  75. Z Z

    Z Z4 days ago

    Shoulda voted for Trump 😂😂😂🤣

  76. Peter Hansen

    Peter Hansen4 days ago

    Andrew Cuomo may very well end up serving Jail time in 2021 uslikes.info/house/eZdundOIyIx-mtg/video.html

  77. Kinh Nguyen

    Kinh Nguyen4 days ago

    First he is the top doctor and said no mask need then said 1 mask need then 5 mask need who the hell give this Nút a doctor license?

  78. Sipho Mosea

    Sipho Mosea4 days ago

    Better make good masks than giving people vaccine n keep forcing the to wear mask even after vaccinations Jesus is coming very soon are you ready

  79. BIG LO

    BIG LO4 days ago

    The other day my brother said we'll be wearing masks for four years of Biden's Administration. I said your nuts. Now he may be right.

  80. Dixie Riese

    Dixie Riese4 days ago


  81. Username 1000

    Username 10004 days ago

    Yeah dog once it hits 2022 I’m taking this mask off

  82. David

    David4 days ago

    BIDEN loves wars so starts one in iraq so his mates can use tax payers money

  83. a.r. hays

    a.r. hays4 days ago

    Next week he will be saying we will need them until 2030 . Then two days later he will say this fall. He is like everyone else , he has no damn idea.

  84. Millie Me

    Millie Me4 days ago

    Dr Faucci needs to go away. He does not have credibility anymore with those who read the studies

  85. Bianca Hills

    Bianca Hills4 days ago

    Bitcoin is the future investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the rise

  86. Phillip Gideon

    Phillip Gideon5 days ago

    What data?

  87. Phillip Gideon

    Phillip Gideon5 days ago

    Is he falling asleep from his own BS

  88. Manny_1003 Fredo

    Manny_1003 Fredo5 days ago

    I’m surprised they haven’t made us wear goggles as well.

  89. Fred Montgomery

    Fred Montgomery3 days ago


  90. joe lemon

    joe lemon5 days ago

    Worldometer 21,640,370 Currently Infected Patients 21,549,582 (99.6%) in Mild Condition 90,788 (0.4%) Serious or Critical

  91. Paul

    Paul5 days ago

    This is ridiculous. Even the WH says all of Americans will be vaccinated by fall.

  92. scott moldenhauer

    scott moldenhauer5 days ago

    extraordinarily obvious where we, and the planet are going. our collective choices take us all to collective mask usage.....into an unknown point of ending usage. watching people attempt to collectively fix a communal problem whilst never appearing to agree on the problem itself means no fix at all. human living 101

  93. Ayn Handel

    Ayn Handel5 days ago

    Clearly the world is being led by greedy, profiteering, ignorant imbeciles. Seek out the latest video by 'Barricade Garage' ..he sums this all up in a nutshell!

  94. john goskowicz

    john goskowicz5 days ago

    Hey cnn,shut up

  95. Corry Burton

    Corry Burton5 days ago

    I wonder how democrats hating on "war-mongering" Trump who never invaded a single country feel about Biden dropping bombs in the middle east 2 months into office.....hmmmm....sounds like business as normal, don't forget Obama did not end the war in Iraq or Afghanistan and invaded 5 new countries during Obama's tenure... Dr. Fauci has been right about as much as the second hand on a clock lmfao this man has never worked in the private sector for a reason....

  96. We, The north

    We, The north5 days ago

    Hey CNN, how many truths as Biden said so far??????? Common you good for nothing pony faced bunch?????? How many? Common man 👀

  97. featureshow

    featureshow5 days ago

    Fascinating...you don't know sh×t.

  98. Richard Resendez

    Richard Resendez5 days ago

    Hi CNN ( fake news ) wanted to let you know Texans will no longer be required to wear a face mask in public and all businesses can open at full capacity as of 3-10-21 Thank you Governor Abbott

  99. lorenzo scion

    lorenzo scion5 days ago

    What a bunch of acting circus clowns. This show is completely insane. You are clearly trying to drive people mad while in the process of poisening people. Truly unbelievable scenes. Fuck your science. It's bullshit

  100. Gary Pinholster

    Gary Pinholster5 days ago

    The hell we will. People need to stop listening to these old people tell ya what. Cant wait till the government is ram by people born after the year 1950 and before. Hot damn. These "leaders" are out of their time. Thats all I know. And America sees it.

  101. 123videos456

    123videos4565 days ago

    Reporting from 2023: President Kamala Harris says when need to keep wearing masks

  102. Blue Cheese

    Blue Cheese4 days ago


  103. Reep007

    Reep0075 days ago

    Lies and more lies , this asshole really think we have no logic thinking and he is the only smart guy in the room. Bla Bla Bla Fake NEWS!!

  104. Chaz Atkinson

    Chaz Atkinson5 days ago

    Screw that ! a years worth of flood of coronavirus information and no news on the increased suicide rate in America.

  105. Marissa Ann

    Marissa Ann2 days ago

    Especially kids, they don't care