Brian Stelter: It’s a literal political storm in the South

CNN's Brian Stelter breaks down how right-wing media covered the winter storm that crippled Texas.
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  1. Annejea 4K

    Annejea 4K11 hours ago

    It’s really not, though.

  2. Christopher Harrington

    Christopher Harrington21 hour ago

    Quit lying Humpty Dumpty your a joke to so many, its funny that some people take your liberal lies seriously. Poor poor little man👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Temp Account

    Temp Account2 days ago

    Imagine the "political storms" when Texas hosts the new capital of the American Union. Yeehaw.

  4. Temp Account

    Temp Account2 days ago

    Texas gets a little bit of snow and this.

  5. Bruce Hendrickson

    Bruce Hendrickson3 days ago

    Brian I prefer you talking about your feelings.

  6. Kevin Snover

    Kevin Snover4 days ago

    Brian.....CNN's very own Potato Head.

  7. Dub Nagrom

    Dub Nagrom4 days ago


  8. Nad Ronco

    Nad Ronco4 days ago

    CNN = Communist Network News

  9. belsebub noncristen

    belsebub noncristen4 days ago

    if i see you from 10 hours KING !!!!

  10. Conservative Amber

    Conservative Amber5 days ago

    Mr Humpty Dumpty. Under Biden the Gas Prices are sky High. This guy is Obsessed with Trump and Faux News.

  11. Andrew Helms

    Andrew Helms5 days ago

    ok potato head

  12. William Jeo

    William Jeo6 days ago

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  13. ANDY!

    ANDY!6 days ago

    Potato Head! 🥔

  14. ANDY!

    ANDY!6 days ago

    The real problem is Brian can’t stop eating 🍽

  15. John McCall

    John McCall6 days ago


  16. Dana Simonsen

    Dana Simonsen6 days ago

    CNN's Mr. Potato Head's Fake News

  17. Joe Foster

    Joe Foster6 days ago

    Holy cow he does look like mr potatoehead.

  18. Brum Kid

    Brum Kid6 days ago

    One question is Brian Stelter GAY because the way he or she or what ever comes across makes people at ease except in the gay community where by he it what ever it is is worshipped. Brian please come out and tell us if you are gay then we will know why you speak the way you do.

  19. Guess What

    Guess What6 days ago

    Mark Dice OWNS Brian Stelter.

  20. King Canute

    King Canute6 days ago

  21. Paul Garvey

    Paul Garvey7 days ago

    A gender neutral Mr potato Head 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  22. ShA Kuwait

    ShA Kuwait7 days ago

    And what’s brewing in cuomo’s yard? Will the Hollywood take back the Emmy’s? Or the Emmy was for lying ?

  23. HateFakeNews

    HateFakeNews7 days ago

    Ask yourself a serious question..... Would you let your children near this guy?

  24. Jeremy Saunders

    Jeremy Saunders7 days ago

    Lol fake CNN

  25. Danquise Perkins

    Danquise Perkins7 days ago

    CNN; The Propaganda Network

  26. Jeremy Two

    Jeremy Two7 days ago

    All countries that deny the one true God can never have freedom. Sin worshipping leaders always lead us to tyranny. Their false God's have money and power but, no good ideas, no Divine Philosophy for Humanity. God's Divine Philosophy for Humanity exist whether you believe God exist or not. Kinda crazy to pass up the greatest Philosophy know to man. Don't you think? News and opinion from a Patriot

  27. Golden's rule

    Golden's rule8 days ago

    That is exactly right when you cheat

  28. Schoon Family Ranch

    Schoon Family Ranch8 days ago

    Don't believe what is corrupted. This CNN news is all propaganda. I am calling to all red blooded Christian Conservatives to forsake this propaganda. All those who have not accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts please do. You will then see the truth.

  29. Kent Standyoubitz

    Kent Standyoubitz8 days ago

    Bubble head needs a hair grower testosterone. Turf builder fast gower I suggest. Home Depot. Or liberal sex hormones.

  30. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom8 days ago

    If True Republicans don't split from QOP they are extremist, supremacist and terrorist.

  31. Anthony Müller

    Anthony Müller8 days ago

    Trump’s real, and in some cases, exciting accomplishments. His sweeping 2017 tax cut the poverty rate, with a record drop in unemployment. He installed three Supreme Court constitutionalist justices, as well as 53 Appeals Court judges. His regulations reforms uncorked pent-up entrepreneurial energy. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement brought an end to U.S. hypocrisy and deference to China on emissions controls. Trump built up the military. He cut the red tape holding terminally ill people back from the right to try promising experimental treatments. He weakened Iran by withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and weakened it further with the Abraham Accords, an awesome breakup of a 70-year political logjam in the Middle East nobody on the left thought possible.

  32. P B

    P B8 days ago

    Oh my god, it's true, this guy really is a potato head!

  33. Chris 3.1416

    Chris 3.14168 days ago

    A dog is treated better than what the Dems have done to Biden , this poor old man.

  34. Mr Manx

    Mr Manx8 days ago

    The Trump supporter texas idiots love these stupid conspiracy theories, then they should be told because they support terroist trump,,, GOD HATES TEXAS!!!!! You reap what u sow.

  35. Murray Allinger

    Murray Allinger9 days ago

    Humpty Dumpty


    RED ROCKET9 days ago

    Lmao its the transgender potato head

  37. Minister Monkey

    Minister Monkey9 days ago

    united states of America, more like Texas and its 49 bitches.

  38. Swid

    Swid9 days ago

    I heard Brian would take multiple trips to Epstein’s place but he would dress up like a power ranger and give massages that’s the word on the street

  39. Andrew Suski

    Andrew Suski9 days ago

    James O’Keefe.. you should go work for him Brian, you’d actually be doing real journalism... think about it little guy.. you could be a hero and not a shill..

  40. Linda Spilka

    Linda Spilka9 days ago

    Ha-ha.. now you’re known as Mr Potato head!!! Love it

  41. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf9 days ago

    Da 400 pound soy boy!! 😆

  42. Justin Harris

    Justin Harris10 days ago

    Fake News

  43. Bob Knob

    Bob Knob10 days ago

    Hey Mr Potato Head why don’t you report on the train wreck in NY?

  44. smidy719

    smidy71910 days ago

    I can’t believe somebody from Texas actually talk to this douche bag from CNN of course he can only have a conversation with a woman Because no man would give Little boy skelter the time of day

  45. Jordan McGuire

    Jordan McGuire10 days ago

    Brian stelter sits when he pees

  46. Charles Chreptak

    Charles Chreptak10 days ago

    Denounce your corrupt political gang today!! It is almost like the crips vs bloods! Just stop supporting these 2 corrupt gangs!! YOU are the problem.

  47. Many will burn

    Many will burn10 days ago

    CNN fact checking is like dogs standing in a circle sniffing each others' a55es.

  48. Omar dominguez

    Omar dominguez10 days ago

    This guy is freaky what is the thing with CNN that keep getting host really creepy why is it that they're fascination with creepy weirdos doing the reporting...

  49. micheal shawn

    micheal shawn10 days ago

    Whats the bias cnn covering up today?

  50. LeXxX

    LeXxX11 days ago

    Anyone that can take this clown seriously is definitely as stupid as he is, oh wait that's called being a Democrat aka a Demonrat...smh

  51. Freak Lloyd

    Freak Lloyd11 days ago

    Biden recently purchased 47 million dollar home in DC. Near a embassy ?? Paid in full. How.? Why. ? Or is it a simple as the hunter house ? #tool

  52. sthier24

    sthier2411 days ago

    Brian, I can teach you how to tie your tie

  53. Luke E

    Luke E11 days ago

    This blob can go shut the f--- up.

  54. A MG

    A MG11 days ago

    So basically the county is self harming, bashing the other side because they are...the other side, misinformation, sowing distrust, I wonder how you "heal" the nation if this is the standard already.

  55. john marzano

    john marzano11 days ago

    Is is just me or his Stelters head getting more round

  56. Stephen Pineda

    Stephen Pineda11 days ago

    But aye where are all those lakes in San Antonio lmao

  57. Brian Tierney

    Brian Tierney11 days ago


  58. Brian Tierney

    Brian Tierney11 days ago


  59. Brian Tierney

    Brian Tierney11 days ago


  60. Hearts On Fire

    Hearts On Fire11 days ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today!!!! God bless you all!!! Amen!

  61. James Rideout

    James Rideout11 days ago

    little brian stelter

  62. Jade Sparenblek

    Jade Sparenblek11 days ago

    You fucktards at cnn do the same thing. If its republican based you freakout and lie.

  63. John Pace

    John Pace11 days ago

    .......AOC snuck in in the dead of night and switched Texas to green energy......Very funny - but I suspect retrumplicans think it's true.

  64. John Pace

    John Pace11 days ago

    Even that headline is political. Surely it should have read Right In The Dark?

  65. Schoolius Delta

    Schoolius Delta11 days ago

    ....but is it simply Citizens keeping Politicians and the GOV'T HONEST? it not???👀 Otherwise, you have Cruz skips town MIA during Texas Crisis......Trump lying and cheating and getting peed on with no proof.....the Capital Terrorists would be labeled BLM and ANTIFA and we would simply have to believe it or not...... Oh, yes! Big Brother, you too is BEING WATCHED!!!👀

  66. Schoolius Delta

    Schoolius Delta11 days ago

    errr, maybe its, errrum, the Windmills and Solar that power Coal and Gas Powered Plants?!??? 🤪😜😝 Dammm you, Ocasio-Cortezzzz!!!👀

  67. Michael

    Michael11 days ago

    I thought global warming was Americans biggest threat 🤔. Think about it if Texas received 50-60% of its energy from wind turbines and they froze 🤔. Texas will be under water in 9 years 🙈

  68. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton12 days ago

    Explain to me: Americans can write, email, and call your All Representatives at the Capitol, State, Local for a Transparent Audit on the 2020 Presidential Election. The American People have the right to Recount and Truth. Why Americans are not being told how???

  69. J KG

    J KG12 days ago

    Politicians aren't your friends nor are you on their payroll, don't get sucked into their propaganda tactics and political manipulation. Believe in Jesus Christ

  70. G

    G12 days ago

  71. John Dodge

    John Dodge12 days ago

    What's holding up the Texas secessionist movement? Greatest loss in U.S.history wasn't Viet Nam. It was 'winning' the Civil War. AFAIC The Confederacy merely changed it's name, became 'legitimized' and re-labeled it's ideology to "conservatism". Remove legal slavery and you have the modern GQP with White Supremacy, debt slavery, (makers and takers) non-White voter suppression, disenfranchised felons and insurrection.

  72. Phone Twofold

    Phone Twofold12 days ago

    Why the lies. We all know the windmills frozed.

  73. Tobias Birmingham

    Tobias Birmingham12 days ago

    MSM is responsible for turning this into a storm!!

  74. CrispySlimyFetus

    CrispySlimyFetus12 days ago

    fake news cnn at it again frick the radical liberal media tromp2020

  75. Jett Rink

    Jett Rink12 days ago

    Who's this little news type guy ?

  76. Shula Hangel

    Shula Hangel12 days ago

    Real mister potato head

  77. Westin Mayer

    Westin Mayer12 days ago

    Brian Stelter literally has no clue what the green new deal is, and neither do the idiots in this panel.

  78. TheDarkfirenight

    TheDarkfirenight12 days ago

    It gets down to -60 to -75 here in Montana and our windmills still work the same thing with our solar panels

  79. Gerry songs

    Gerry songs12 days ago


  80. Chris Young

    Chris Young12 days ago

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  81. Frank R

    Frank R12 days ago

    Brian should come help! Said no one ever

  82. Him Again

    Him Again12 days ago

    Political storm in south, really? A catastrophic winter storm something which Texans are not used to is not political. It's being made political by the likes of crooked polarizing media like CNN and MSNBC. Meanwhile legit media is covering the real POLITICAL POLICY failure which resulted in thousands of deaths in NYS. This act was then COVERED up for political purposes, absolute shameful that CNN has chosen to lay cover for such actions because the family responsible is part of this Con News Network...

  83. Kelly Malcolm

    Kelly Malcolm12 days ago

    The conscious bite continuously brake because charles accordantly dry outside a substantial oven. loutish, inquisitive mass

  84. Andrew Maxfield

    Andrew Maxfield12 days ago

    Time to change your diaper, Brian. I think your leaking.

  85. Jao Bidan

    Jao Bidan12 days ago

    Like Brian Stelter cares about anyone on the opposite side of the political isle. Hell, this fake straight man squeals with glee at the plight of his fellow Americans...just like the entire left itself.

  86. M McTest

    M McTest12 days ago

    Pretty bad when CNN has to have a paid commentator assigned to bashing the compatition to make money. Folks demand a fair and balanced search for comprehensive truth in reporting until you get it don't listen to CNN or their advertisers. My opinion

  87. Bubba Smith

    Bubba Smith12 days ago

    Fake news blow me

  88. mcguerd8

    mcguerd812 days ago

    To the point 'alternative universe of news' and 'parallel reality'.

  89. Jc _hz

    Jc _hz12 days ago

    Gas and coal power 80% wind and solar 20% , why did people not only lost 20% of their power ? Yet blame wind and sole power?This is the problem with fox it limits progres even in simple math.When stupidity is justify with freedom of speech.

  90. Jc _hz

    Jc _hz7 days ago

    @ORANGE KRAKEN you obviously know how to troll , give me a different perspective , prove it


    ORANGE KRAKEN8 days ago


  92. tj booth

    tj booth12 days ago

    I am sorry but that is a grown-ass woman on that screen. Fill your bathtub is survival skills 101. Yes, we expect the government to come through, sales income and property taxes pay for that help. At the same time, we have lost our resourcefulness. We can't sit and literally freeze, or drown, or overheat because services do not come through. I wonder how poor families stacked up against middle-income families. If you have ever had your power, water or gas cut off you know how to improvise. This happens in public and older housing in the North frequently.

  93. Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson13 days ago

    Yeah the left hasn't reality. They are crazy, insane and abunch of propagandist. By the way I'm from the south and you can't put that label on alm of us. Frankly most don't live in an alternate reality but the left sure does.

  94. Babs Bylow

    Babs Bylow13 days ago

    Apocalyptic 🙅

  95. Completely Random

    Completely Random13 days ago

    Thank you for not showing any Fox and Trump clips and bs. I can finally watch the news without throwing up.

  96. Roy Gutierrez

    Roy Gutierrez13 days ago

    Republicans are Traitors to the State and should be viewed as Russians.

  97. Daniel Liljeberg

    Daniel Liljeberg13 days ago

    Cruz's master taught him the truth isn't important to his voters. Say what ever makes you look the best and blame others if that fail.

  98. J P

    J P13 days ago

  99. Will trabazo

    Will trabazo13 days ago


  100. Will trabazo

    Will trabazo13 days ago


  101. Arthur Radtke

    Arthur Radtke13 days ago

    The right wing Fascist media led by Fake Fox News is very dangerous. They've poisoned the minds of their followers.

  102. hedy lamarr

    hedy lamarr13 days ago

    I could imagine Benny Hill head slapping Brian...good boy..good boy 😸