Texas power grid CEO explains what went wrong

Bill Magness, president and CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, explains why so many people lost power in Texas after a massive winter storm.
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  1. regina Teplow

    regina Teplow2 days ago

    Texas had several plants that didn't open for the winter, which is why there was not enough power. They get the weather reports like everyone else. They could have taken steps to open those plants.

  2. Ballai Moid

    Ballai Moid3 days ago

    This is really good to be true I never expected my bitcoin withdrawal from luiz today..

  3. manuel ramirez

    manuel ramirez3 days ago

    Unprecedented, what a dumbass, this happened recently in November of 2019. Texas was hit from the 30's to the teen's in temperatures. And as the anchor said, it happened in 2011. It's going to cost billions to upgrade the system. Get ready for this winter.

  4. tearl

    tearl3 days ago

    They weren't prepared for an off the scale massive winter storm in the middle of a pandemic. Other side of the coin is neither is anyone else. You cannot prepare for every eventuality.

  5. toag

    toag3 days ago

    they made more money because they bought the cheaper, non cold weather protected equipment... that's the actual truth.

  6. Colleen Walker

    Colleen Walker4 days ago

    What ever man🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Jorge B.

    Jorge B.5 days ago

    Let’s see how ERCOT does next year. I’m buying a generator, propane tanks and extra water jugs. Not feeling it with ERCOT.

  8. alhamza make

    alhamza make5 days ago

    Nice news

  9. P.R. Mathews

    P.R. Mathews5 days ago

    When the rubber met the road........ did the generators actually shut down/stop making AC power?

  10. Sivart B

    Sivart B5 days ago

    Two choices; winterize the infrastructure or re-live this experience in ten years.

  11. Steve Kluesner

    Steve Kluesner5 days ago

    One thing becomes all to clear by the end of the interview ; if this is the best they could do , there system is not operational to a level which people should be aiming for!!! WHY!!!

  12. Steve Kluesner

    Steve Kluesner6 days ago

    He is far from solely responsible for the failure that occured , whether he remains employed and at what level is a question to ask as a new method of management gets devised and adopted ; straighten out the mess and start on improvement have got to be first focus

  13. Steve Kluesner

    Steve Kluesner6 days ago

    "Power is going to be back on "as normal" " # the weather warmed up again

  14. Steve Kluesner

    Steve Kluesner6 days ago

    "Rotating" outages is not the way that consumers were describing it ! Not to dump on this guy to hard , but lets get real here!

  15. BradleyKBartlett

    BradleyKBartlett6 days ago


  16. BradleyKBartlett

    BradleyKBartlett6 days ago


  17. Nguyen Giao

    Nguyen Giao6 days ago

    We're ready....to shut off your electricity for DAYS. That's what he meant!

  18. Mail540

    Mail5406 days ago

    Just a reminder this guy was making around 850k in 2016

  19. Robert Holland

    Robert Holland6 days ago

    What a bunch of crap ....the load during summer months with air conditioning and the like is more than the what is

  20. Gordon Reiher

    Gordon Reiher7 days ago

    I hear they're blaming it on the not-yet implemented Green New Deal.

  21. Lucas Louzada

    Lucas Louzada7 days ago

    One has to have a huge ammount of guts to appear on TV to even try to justify anything...

  22. tom king

    tom king7 days ago

    Fire him

  23. illiac

    illiac7 days ago

    Good luck in your Secession Push, Texas. They couldn't even sustain electricity during one, winter storm.

  24. Yael Bailey

    Yael Bailey8 days ago

    This is because they don’t believe that the climat is changing. And they pay the price for their ignorance. I hope they learn from this.

  25. Zacbabei Yee

    Zacbabei Yee8 days ago

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  26. Memelooks Memelooks

    Memelooks Memelooks8 days ago

    Again never implements himself.

  27. Christopher Gilbert

    Christopher Gilbert8 days ago

    In a decent world his ass would be in jail. America is a joke, one big lie.

  28. Andrew Mayfield

    Andrew Mayfield8 days ago

    From Central TX here Buddy and how did YOU think a business model like that would work for Texans already in a crisis regarding freezing weather, lack of food, this Covid nonsense, and illegal immigrants taking jobs away??? I am so glad that I stuck with Reliant Energy and was on a fixed plan. Griddy will be a debunk company soon and will go bankrupt. SHOULD be called Greedy or Gritty cause Y'all done us here in the Lone Star state VERY wrong. People should read the fine-print, BUT why price gouge.????!!!! Good luck old man with the lawsuits. Griddy, what a joke of a company and terribly, unethical business practices. (1-year later)... OH WAIT, aren't Y'all BANNED NOW from remaining in the electricity/energy market? Go figure.*

  29. Balla21

    Balla218 days ago

    Spend the fucking money and winterize it.. this my friends on the right is why removing all regulations are bad

  30. thedarkness125

    thedarkness1259 days ago

    He went wrong.

  31. jack rideout

    jack rideout9 days ago


  32. Qkm Ccm

    Qkm Ccm9 days ago

    This man deserves a medal for staying calm and answering her questions reasonably. Most of the comments on this video are from people who do not have any clue about how utilities operate. It amazes me that a state that has a very low tolerance for taxes and government regulations or even just paying a fair price for services could complain about ERCOT not putting additional money into a system to handle a rare event. This is evident with the minimum wage set to the Federal minimum, which is not a livable wage. The electrical grid either needs a few tax dollars (yes, I used the "T" word), or higher rates in order to make the investments necessary to improve the system to be able to accommodate rare events. Is everyone willing to pony up some money for that, or will you do what you always do and complain about rising taxes and prices? This was not a typical event and the preparedness that he described is an acceptable solution for such an event. He answered each question logically and appropriately based on utility operations. She tried to nail him with ridiculous questions like will he resign and he stayed calm and kept the focus on the issue at hand. I don't understand why people expect a resignation every time something fails regardless of where the fault lies. Many of those Texans who are demanding Magness' head are the same ones who installed water heaters outside or built a house with no insulation even though they have A/C running most of the year. Why didn't the water utility bury their pipes deeper so they wouldn't freeze in extreme weather conditions? Did people heat their house to the minimum so that pipes wouldn't freeze while leaving power for others or did they just crank the heat up to 72 (those who have heat)? There is lots of blame to go around, but as Magness said focus on the problem at hand and the rest can be settled later.

  33. Relevant Information

    Relevant Information9 days ago

    And thus the word “ready” is redefined....

  34. William Holbrook

    William Holbrook9 days ago

    Failure is right. Ya knew days in advance and didn't have plants on standby rdy to respond. It's an epic failure of management.

  35. Andrew Alderman

    Andrew Alderman7 days ago

    It's also an epic failure of state government, since they didn't push for modernization.

  36. Kenneth Beartusk

    Kenneth Beartusk9 days ago

    Why is this lady asking this dude if he's thinks that he should re-sign? Of course he wouldn't think that. What a dumb way to pose that question.

  37. Peter Marsh

    Peter Marsh9 days ago

    It is now obvious that this is Canada’s fault.

  38. Tino Gutierrez

    Tino Gutierrez9 days ago

    The grid was based upon on capitalism

  39. SolarizeYourLife

    SolarizeYourLife10 days ago

    IT'S CALLED GREED and complete ignorance... Homes with solar and battery bank is American Independence...

  40. Huan Nguyen

    Huan Nguyen10 days ago

    You “were ready” by having a plan to cut people off randomly, without any warning, so that you can compensate for the lack of remediation since the 2011 blackout. So what you’re really saying is that, you had 10years, and you still weren’t ready.

  41. Afarro

    Afarro10 days ago

    “There were so much demand and no supply, what’re u gonna do about it!”

  42. L Underwood

    L Underwood10 days ago

    The 5K,10K electricity bill is bs!

  43. Bill Robbins

    Bill Robbins10 days ago

    For the sake of Texans, do hope they upgrade and winterize there power grid. Perhaps insulating homes more would help too? This day and age no one is sure what the weather will do.

  44. Brett S

    Brett S10 days ago

    The total blackout occurred because of the green new deal

  45. Andrew Alderman

    Andrew Alderman7 days ago

    which has not been implemented.

  46. Ryan Mooney

    Ryan Mooney10 days ago

    Here's a guy so totally comfortable with the fact that nothing at all is going to happen to him, the lies don't even have to be plausible. I mean, he answered, "How was this readiness?" with, "It could have been worse." If this was an industry-wide problem, why was I sitting cozy up north where it's historically much *colder* for much *longer?* Texas, and Americans generally, need to demand these folks' heads on a plate or these sorts of interviews are going to continue to be normal.

  47. Mat May

    Mat May10 days ago

    Well he did not do anything wrong. It was the power plants that did not supply power as they should have

  48. George Turner

    George Turner11 days ago

    Would consumers STILL get billed if there was a complete power failure?

  49. Bruin Gold

    Bruin Gold11 days ago

    He's accountable. He knows it but is being respectable and non-defensive. He'll be out of a job in a week or so but deserves credit for his integrity. We need a lot more people like him in leadership positions.

  50. TDawg

    TDawg7 days ago

    I can't tell if this is sarcasm... lol People like him are the reason why Texas is in this mess. Quite an asinine comment.

  51. Diellza Nimoni

    Diellza Nimoni11 days ago

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  52. Hung Lo

    Hung Lo11 days ago

    Meanwhile Floridians be like, "Y'all wasn't prepared for Mother Nature was you?"

  53. tommy fred

    tommy fred11 days ago

    US phone, power, water and internet are a joke. if most Americans could see the what we pay and what we get in the UK they would be up in arms and demanding the same high quality.

  54. Masum Abid

    Masum Abid11 days ago

    Wolf is explaining why he had to eat a whole lamb for a good reason.

  55. Marla O'Hanlon

    Marla O'Hanlon11 days ago

    You mean regulate the system....lol

  56. chaosawaits

    chaosawaits11 days ago

    Outstanding answers

  57. Mik Rod

    Mik Rod11 days ago

    They blamed it on windmills lol on Fox News

  58. cristian david miller gonzalez

    cristian david miller gonzalez11 days ago

    Well, people working in power industry know there is always a trade-off between price and resiliency, being prepared for a highly improbable issue is expensive so governments prefer to invest in education and things like that, and taxpayers like low cost electricity, however when unexpected problems like the Texas extreme winter come it is much more expensive than what it would be if investments were made from the beginning.

  59. Shakkar Zimmerman

    Shakkar Zimmerman11 days ago

    It's always the middleman we got to worry about need an upgrade systems outdated

  60. Anthony Coz

    Anthony Coz11 days ago

    ERCOT is Supposed To Manage the POWER GRID. Either they CAN or CAN NOT Turn Off & Turn On portions of the Grid to Manage Loads (CURRENT DRAW) so Transmission Equipment DOES BURN UP !!! /// The sophistication of their control IS limited. THEY COULD NOT FINE TUNE OFFs/ONs & DISTRIBUTE "SHORT TERM BLACK OUTS" OVER THE ENTIRE STATE *So Everybody Would Only Share Short Term Pain. & *The Grid was Protected from Burning Up, Or *Avoided Complete Shutdown (Months to recover, either way). OUR PROPRIETARY, TEXAS ONLY POWER SYSTEM IS BIG TIME LAME-O.

  61. Andrej Pekar

    Andrej Pekar11 days ago

    Hmm is probably scam :-)

  62. xXHamatoYoshiXx

    xXHamatoYoshiXx11 days ago

    What went wrong? The state is controlled by an ideology that puts personal gains over public well being. An ideology that the world no longer tolerates, and one that wasn't eradicated in the last civil war. An ideology that uses fear, misinformation, and all sorts of tactics to deviate from objective reality, science, and reason. An ideology that is essentially the greatest threat to American democracy.

  63. Jim S

    Jim S11 days ago

    The Grid was ready and did its job. The power plants (which ERCOT does not control) were a complete failure

  64. punknhead23

    punknhead2311 days ago

    Rep. Sylvester Turner must have been rolling his eyes and slapping his forehead last week.

  65. Paul Carmona

    Paul Carmona11 days ago

    You must understand as the CEO he actually does nothing. It's the best job in the world how would he give it up?

  66. Aaron

    Aaron11 days ago

    Republican "leaders" can never seem to accept responsibility for anything. They never apologize, they never seek in-depth answers, they never work collaboratively to develop solutions. Just shift blame, pretend they did everything they could, and gaslight until they've successfully muddied the waters.

  67. ShinySonic 35

    ShinySonic 3511 days ago

    I mad but not anymore it is the water that I’m pissed off about

  68. Nicolas233

    Nicolas23311 days ago

    Lol why say that the demand was the issue when its logical..if your systems fail from not being winterize then a storm will knock some problems and you have to do with what you got.

  69. Jeff Horsager

    Jeff Horsager11 days ago

    The CNN lady doesn't know how the grid works. How many times is she going to ask him why the generators weren't working? Why doesn't she ask the person in charge of the generators? The power companies. Because it ain't this guy. He sits in front of a control room in front of knobs and dials. He has no control over whether suppliers can suppy. That's on them. They failed.

  70. Skeletor04

    Skeletor0411 days ago

    I thought everyone used heat in the winter

  71. Aiden Rae

    Aiden Rae11 days ago

    And they want to secede? See ya! Good luck!

  72. 10469

    1046911 days ago

    Just so we know how much power they put out.. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_power_stations_in_Texas

  73. 10469

    1046911 days ago

    They shut the system down on purpose.. they are lying

  74. Angel Strunk

    Angel Strunk11 days ago

    if you look at 2:41 he says they don't actually own the power generation or transmission lines. I don't know much about ERCOT and i don' live in Texas however if this is the truth then its my opinion that this guy and everyone in ERCOT shouldn't be held responsible. You can't work on things you don't own and I doubt they had the power to force these companies to prepare ahead of time for a winter storm and the most they could do was give a warning. I would love to see your thoughts and information about this issue.

  75. W C

    W C11 days ago

    So the state of Texas' electrical grid as a whole system, is designed to be a single point of failure as it does not have the redundancy of supplemental energy from neighboring states in case a catastrophic disaster occurs. Collective willful ignorance on an Epic level.

  76. Phil Pedro

    Phil Pedro11 days ago

    She reminds me of the South Park character, Captain Hindsight.

  77. Subhas Chandra Boss

    Subhas Chandra Boss11 days ago

    He needs an apologist from RZIM.

  78. Melanie Cotterell

    Melanie Cotterell11 days ago

    that dumb broad should listen instead of trying to blast the dude. He said the problem was that people were using too much power. Get it.

  79. alan foxall

    alan foxall11 days ago

    Technically this guy is confirming that the Texas network is inherently unstable in dealing with adverse weather conditions. Perhaps the CEO and his people should (after the pandemic) take a trip to Europe and see have proper networks cope with similar or worse conditions.

  80. El acertijo X

    El acertijo X11 days ago

    All lies, Let me explain, first they said that there was no gas and closed the pipes into México, but one week later President Nicolás Maduro offered gas to México and miraculously the governor of Texas started pumping gas again into México, so there was no shortage. This guy says that the power plants went down because of the cold which leaves us with questions, the power plants in Texas are from the 19th century? Or the people that work there have no clue of what they are doing ? Or Is all a lie and was a sabotage against Texans?

  81. Phil Pedro

    Phil Pedro11 days ago

    Blame should be spread to all. Legislators, regulators, corporate officers and engineers, sure. But customers also should collectively share blame. If you know the system will be under stress, don't run every appliance in your house. You need heat but don't run it to 80 degrees with the TV, every light on, dishwasher, washer/dryer and whatever else you do during normal conditions. You leave your faucets dripping so your pipes don't freeze and burst. Seems this guy and the engineers did the best they could with what was available to them. The interviewer probably has little knowledge of how the systems operate and is trying to set up a 'gotcha' moment ratings soundbite.

  82. Julie Conway

    Julie Conway11 days ago

    They were ready to raise prices, collect money and turn the power off. They are ready to explain how it happened and how that the snow and ice is gone and everybody needs to forget about it. All the while in private the power company will remind the Republican leaders in Texas how much money they have given to their campaigns. I wonder if the politicians in Texas get divadin payments for this power corporation.

  83. kbhvac

    kbhvac11 days ago

    If you expect no inconvenience and discomfort in this life, then be prepared to be disappointed and disillusioned. . Texas has experienced tremendous population increases in the recent decades. The infrastructure has failed to keep pace with the increased demands. . The free market will respond to the demands. . Just hope that the COVID-19 virus suffered more than we humans during this recent Polar Vortex.

  84. The Rad Fems

    The Rad Fems11 days ago

    2:43 Where does personal responsibility come into this? Regulator with no power to compel preparedness is being scapegoated because none of the generators or distributors that they manage were prepared. Texas is always shouting about personal responsibility until something bad happens to them.

  85. Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa11 days ago

    Who said “ incompetent government kills! “. Go Green and Freeze.

  86. Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker11 days ago

    Appearing on CNN is enough for me, lock him up.

  87. Andre Rodriguez

    Andre Rodriguez11 days ago

    I thought all the wind turbines did it? That’s what the governor of Texas said.

  88. The Rad Fems

    The Rad Fems11 days ago

    They HAVE been saying winter was coming....

  89. GoodestBoiCereal

    GoodestBoiCereal11 days ago

    they don't need to make any fucking reviews to avoid shit like this happening. There are literally thousands of power grids and electrical systems that work through winter conditions like this and even colder conditions just fine because those systems are winterized. I can see where they are coming from when they believed that it wasn't necessary because it never gets that cold in Texas, but that's not the world we live in anymore and I think that spending the money to ACTUALLY make the system ready is worth it over people freezing to death in their own beds

  90. trey graham

    trey graham11 days ago

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  91. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris11 days ago

    Basically the guy didn’t do his job.

  92. Andrew Alderman

    Andrew Alderman7 days ago

    or the state government didn't allow to him to.

  93. Lady You Go

    Lady You Go11 days ago

    Republician Constituents thee Govonor, Cruz and AG , other Republicians members need to resigned they need the Federal Govt. to come in to help Texans instead of Cruz in Cancun and AG vacationing they need to it had nothing to do with the green deal

  94. Josi Dasilva

    Josi Dasilva11 days ago

    Solution: every texan house with an electric car. Charge its battery during low demand and use it for household power supply at peak. This would increase the existing grid capacity by 150%.

  95. Beth Wilson

    Beth Wilson12 days ago

    This guy should be a politician. He already has the BS justification down to skirt around not answering the questions he was ask. A situation can not be fixed if they can't admit the truth of how this happened. The truth is......they care more about money than they do about people's lives. Its clear the Texas politician are being paid off by the electric company!

  96. BeShared Rotterdam

    BeShared Rotterdam12 days ago

    White privilige that this guy has such a position. As usual.

  97. Jay Persing

    Jay Persing12 days ago

    Okay, ercot fucked up massively, but uh...maybe grilling the guy on whether or not he's gonna lose his job live on air is a bit...much? That's a very heavy question to ask someone without warning. NOBODY IS GONNA ANSWER THAT QUESTION WELL. Especially when put on the spot live? You can dance around it to answer the question without going 'hey how do you feel about loosing your job' For example: Many Texans are upset with how ercot handled this crisis, what would you want to say to them? 15 people are dead this week, because of the power outages, what would you like to say to them? Texas had a similar problem 11 years ago which showed that the grid was NOT prepared for another event like that. Why didn't ercot winterize the grid then? Do you commit to winterizing the grid in the near future? 'Are you going to resign?' As a question on the surface looks like a good question that answers things in a useful way, but in actuality does fuckall in the realm of actual information that people need. On top of that it's just...a dick move. It's like asking a waitress for thier number while they are at work. I doubt the dude knows yet either way, that's a massive decision and a thing you need to discuss with your family and your boss (the governor). And potentially, if he resigns, especially right now, balls could get dropped. That's a thing you handle after the emergency is over and delt with.

  98. Sergio Diaz

    Sergio Diaz12 days ago

    the face of greed

  99. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    JackDrinkn2DollarJim12 days ago

    I'll tell you what went wrong, YOU SHOVED TOO MUCH MONEY IN YOU'RE OWN POCKETS!!!

  100. Jacky Lukewarm

    Jacky Lukewarm12 days ago

    Where is any question about the $17,000 electricity bill for several customers down there?

  101. Aivars Norenbergs

    Aivars Norenbergs12 days ago

    Back in the former Soviet Union it would be considered as an act of sabotage. If people and a state suffer the top echelon of executives get lined up and shot because of their inability to perform their duties.

  102. HighandDry

    HighandDry12 days ago

    That guy is an expert of what went wrong! Was there no weather forecasting! Is he an idiot? He doesn’t look either smart or stupid. His story and the governor’s are completely different. He gave assurances! What a stupid explanation, the lady asked you why you weren’t ready. If Texans are waiting for this guy to figure it out. He’s going to launch a committee to study the obvious! Fire his worthless ass.

  103. TheONE S

    TheONE S12 days ago

    So solar isn’t really a good investment?

  104. Simon Jones

    Simon Jones12 days ago

    They were unprepared. They kept the profit, and did not invest in proofing their gear.