Smerconish takes on Rush Limbaugh's legacy

CNN's Michael Smerconish looks at the complicated legacy of late talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. Smerconish points out Limbaugh was a gifted showman but unfortunately enabled those with microphones to supplant traditional political leadership.
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  1. Jaydaripper timalice

    Jaydaripper timalice11 hours ago

    He made the country worst, and he was a racist!!!

  2. Vincent Schneider

    Vincent SchneiderDay ago

    Compromise ha something the Democrats are not interested in. Say what you want sir, Rush will have a long lasting effect on conservatives. Too bad the Dems rely on the left leaning liberal media to foster it's own lies

  3. Bob Courtier

    Bob Courtier4 days ago

    His popularity didn’t suffer even after it was disclosed that he was a junkie.

  4. Howard Stern

    Howard Stern5 days ago

    I'm just happy that Right Wing Extremist Limbaugh saw his buddy Trump lose the election.

  5. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell5 days ago

    Michael is a fool who is easily lead to slaughter by his masters. For now he serves their purposes so long as he spins fraudulent tales against their enemies. But if he ever dares to object to the narrative he will be thrown out on the trash heap where he long ago tossed his principles. Shame on you sir!

  6. Shirley Newsome

    Shirley Newsome5 days ago

    Limbaugh is gone,yea

  7. Allen

    Allen5 days ago

    what a joke this guy talking about polarized news media when he's won one of the most polar news media channels there is. I had to stop watching after the first 40 seconds

  8. Ross Watkins

    Ross Watkins6 days ago

    Trump rise was do to 30yr of neoliberalism you tool

  9. Jerry Van-Hees

    Jerry Van-Hees6 days ago

    Giving racist Limbaugh praise because he just croaked. This nerd is a tool and a contributer to media malpractice. Thanks to his feeble rambling I just recalled why I stopped watching cnn. c. Piece of network garbage owned by a garbage corporation dictating what their hosts should discuss instead of talking about essential issues like reinstating the fairness doctrine. "Whats that you say" thats my whole point. Google it, than everything I just explained makes more sense.

  10. BigSnipp

    BigSnipp7 days ago

    Hitler also had an amazing hold over his audience.

  11. Truth OverFacts

    Truth OverFacts5 days ago

    You know you're hateful, when you compare a radio talk show host, to a murderous Dictator.

  12. mike ater

    mike ater7 days ago

    What a revengeful person you are. Just because you weren,t in his position. and now your a third rate broadcaster.

  13. Elvis TCB PELL

    Elvis TCB PELL7 days ago

    Rush is racist rush have dirt mark bullying mocking people and a racist

  14. Coyote 50

    Coyote 507 days ago

    Interesting how Smerconish doesn't mention Rush's horrible racist and sexist attacks on various people and the hate that he spewed in general. How he was in the pocket of the rich. What does it say about his audience that they lapped all that putrid stuff up? He may have been an entertainer, but he was above all else a hate monger.

  15. Zina Dog

    Zina Dog7 days ago

    Now the devil has some competition in hell,look out devil this pos is more evil than u will ever b

  16. Roman Temniuk

    Roman Temniuk7 days ago

    Rush was a man who gave voice to our side. He was a man, something you wouldn't understand.

  17. Ra N

    Ra N8 days ago

    I wouldn't broadcast this garbage!

  18. Ra N

    Ra N8 days ago

    What legacy? Trash?

  19. J. P.

    J. P.8 days ago

    Justice has a long arce... 2 steps forward 1 step back..

  20. Nuclear Energy INC.

    Nuclear Energy INC.8 days ago

    Yeah yeah whatever. Burn in hell, Rush.

  21. Enrico Pallazzo

    Enrico Pallazzo8 days ago

    The legacy of a deluded drug addict who lacks morals and empathy? Does everyone get a legacy these days? Lol

  22. Anthony Clay

    Anthony Clay8 days ago

    Hey Smerconish, you couldn’t carry Rush’s jock strap! You are a bum compared to Rush!

  23. walker hall

    walker hall8 days ago

    Let rush lumbaugh alone he's dead let him stay there. He's looking up at us and see the terrible thing he said over the years so let him keep looking up at us.

  24. walker hall

    walker hall8 days ago

    Lets hope he stays there

  25. Ginger P

    Ginger P8 days ago

    Rush is not looking up at anyone. He is too busy receiving his comeuppance in the ninth circle of hell (Dante’s Inferno).

  26. 408knw

    408knw8 days ago

    "Smerconish?" A word from some obscure language meaning "never heard of 'im?"

  27. Peter L

    Peter L8 days ago

    Michael has an egg-shaped head.

  28. Drayonis

    Drayonis8 days ago

    Just be racist is what they wanted

  29. AgentX

    AgentX8 days ago

    I hope Rush is enjoying his $ 600 million. I can smell the barbecue from down under.

  30. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson8 days ago

    Lol he can now enjoy all the cigar smoking he wants

  31. Todd Schneck

    Todd Schneck9 days ago

    Limbaugh goes down! Trump goes down!

  32. AFR383

    AFR3839 days ago

    The brainwashing of my dad

  33. Kozmic Zian

    Kozmic Zian9 days ago

    . . . glad that pain in the ass is no longer polarizing Americans w/ his lies and dis-information.

  34. Pendejo

    Pendejo9 days ago

    Yes, absolutely. Trump didn’t happen overnight. This has been an effort by many political operatives over the last 50 years. Starting with Roger Stone in the early 70’s. They have been gerrymandering, stealing, organizing, feeding money to right-wing radio and tv since the 70’s. To culminate in this moment.

  35. Major Frost

    Major Frost9 days ago

    that letter was obviously the work of an illiterate.

  36. baler johnson

    baler johnson9 days ago

    Real news hasn't existed for a long time . I always considered Rush as news entertainment like Hannity and all the many people take this crap seriously to the point that these self proclaimed " patriots" have totally divided the the country ..but they make good money doing it .

  37. Nate Stakely

    Nate Stakely9 days ago

    Mike who? said what about the GREAT RUSH LIMBAUGH? Oh Mike is a russian KGB agent? Ok gottcha.

  38. What's Up In Space?

    What's Up In Space?9 days ago

    Rush Limbaugh was one of the worst, most destructive, salivatingky evil people your country ever produced.

  39. Paul Godin

    Paul Godin9 days ago

    So happy to hear the great news.

  40. Daniel Pellegrini

    Daniel Pellegrini9 days ago

    He will be judged for his hateful rhetoric by a higher authority above. As so will many of our so called leaders in Congress.

  41. Brian Berry

    Brian Berry8 days ago

    Who will judge you for your stupidity? Itemize the hateful rhetoric right now right here sir.

  42. Immauel Santana

    Immauel Santana9 days ago

    F, F, F, RUSH Limbaugh the KLAN MAN 👨 is gone GOOD

  43. Geulah הוא מגיע

    Geulah הוא מגיע9 days ago

    Yes Rush Limbaugh gave life to Unapologetic Irrational reasoning for being a racist

  44. Jeff Moore

    Jeff Moore9 days ago

    Smerconish is a freaking clown. This guy is a total joke. Hilarious!

  45. Larry Sims

    Larry Sims9 days ago

    Lush Bimbo: 'I'm a covert white supremacist and there's a lot of you who think like me and you're mad as hell! Now let's go make me rich.'

  46. Dee Pattison

    Dee Pattison9 days ago

    That quote fits Trump perfectly.

  47. Erlpen2016

    Erlpen201610 days ago

    The fact that one has millions of followers doesn’t take away the hate in the message....rush was a mean spirited man who traded on hate....the world is a better place without him....

  48. Make Elections Honest Again

    Make Elections Honest Again10 days ago

    Rush Limbaugh once when running into a certain Democrat politician at a charity event, remarked to her how amazed he was that she had six kids. Well, she answered, 'I really love my husband'. Rush responded, 'I love my cigars too but I take them out of my mouth once in a while.'

  49. vaultbull706

    vaultbull70610 days ago

    The funny thing is that many people have never even heard of Smerconish, but everyone knew Rush

  50. vaultbull706

    vaultbull70610 days ago

    Funny thing is very few people, even among those who watch CNN, even know who Smerconish is

  51. vaultbull706

    vaultbull70610 days ago

    Pro-war Dems orgasming over Biden dropping bombs on Syria

  52. vaultbull706

    vaultbull70610 days ago

    Pro-war Dems are celebrating as Biden drops bombs on Syria

  53. vaultbull706

    vaultbull70610 days ago

    Democrats love war. Never forget.

  54. Jack Parker

    Jack Parker10 days ago

    I still unfortunately remember Rush Limbaugh giving Barack Obama analysis and accolades.. but pointing out repeatedly.... Just using the words.... "you know".. explained he's just perfect for the job .he's got all the best qualifications ..don't really see anything wrong with him.... Except ...."you know"... I don't know how that got out of his mouth and on the air.

  55. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd Christmas10 days ago

    Shorter version of this: Rush Limbaugh was a charismatic lying scumbag junkie who valued his salary & bonuses over the well being of America & her democracy. Yup, that’s about it.

  56. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson9 days ago

    Well said 👏

  57. MRO MYM

    MRO MYM10 days ago

    Finali he is gone racist individual and drugatic bad for america

  58. Mellz World

    Mellz World10 days ago

    Rush was a piece of 💩

  59. Catherine MacAskill

    Catherine MacAskill10 days ago

    I would never wish harm to anyone. But his value as a right wing, mysoginistic and racist force gave him quite a following. He obviously filled a void for his own kind. May he get the peace in the next world that he obviously never found in this one.

  60. Mitchell Young

    Mitchell Young10 days ago

    This guy broke with the GOP in 2008? The Obama-McCain election?

  61. Blue Pegasus

    Blue Pegasus10 days ago

    This p.o.s. is in hell giving the Nazi salute to his idol Adolf Hitler.

  62. eric brown

    eric brown10 days ago

    The Drive by media is what Rush called you, I can see he was correct

  63. Homeboy Sir

    Homeboy Sir10 days ago

    I guess it ‘s Rush who invented cheap politics then- and handed the former President the Torch.

  64. Calvin Royal

    Calvin Royal10 days ago

    Would love to hear Christopher Hitchens. ."eulogize" Rush..

  65. Brian Wimberly

    Brian Wimberly10 days ago

    Satan has a new toilet!!!

  66. Grateful Fredly

    Grateful Fredly10 days ago

    This spoon would not be employed if not for limbaughs ground breaking show.

  67. Turey Taino

    Turey Taino7 days ago

    @Grateful Fredly I think he can be both.

  68. Grateful Fredly

    Grateful Fredly7 days ago

    @Turey Taino Rush hateful? Con man

  69. Turey Taino

    Turey Taino7 days ago

    There was nothing ground breaking about Rush's show. He was following in the footsteps of Father Coughling. An equally hateful guy.

  70. Bill Soderholm

    Bill Soderholm10 days ago

    I saw zero entertainment value in him at all. I never got it at all.

  71. Bill Soderholm

    Bill Soderholm10 days ago

    Sickening to see the reverence people have for this piggish shock jock. Why not the same for Don Imus? Howard Stern?

  72. Rousosr GL1800

    Rousosr GL180010 days ago

    We are conservatives because we vote biblically. We support Godly principles. You democrats vote the way you do because you support anti-God sinful practices, hence you are a godless party. So Rush Limbaugh has nothing to do with the way I vote, God's word and good ole fashion decency is why I vote Conservative.

  73. Eli Smith

    Eli Smith10 days ago

    Rush was cruel and a racist. Bet he didn’t talk his way into heaven

  74. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson9 days ago

    @Ivan O please do and tell me if you find any offensive rhetoric because if you can't I can point some out to you

  75. Ivan O

    Ivan O9 days ago

    @Brad Thompson Ok maybe I just didn’t hear those or interpreted them differently. I’ll have a look today.

  76. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson9 days ago

    @Ivan O it is true when it comes straight from the horses mouth how can he deny any of it when there are clips of him saying this type of stuff literally! lol don't tell me there's a conspiracy and thats not actually Rush but some left wing nut job who looks like Rush and is trying to make him look bad lol look it's obvious that you love Rush and you agree with 90% of what he says and thats ok just don't pretend like he was a saint and never said anything offensive

  77. Ivan O

    Ivan O9 days ago

    @Brad Thompson Right whatever is on your beloved internet must be true because the people controlling information flow have your best interest in mind. Ok if you say so.

  78. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson9 days ago

    @Ivan O didn't have to listen to his show to know what he was and what he stood for you see there's this thing called the "internet" and "youtube" and there are many clips out there with Rush's rhetoric for anyone to listen to. The simple fact that you can't even acknowledge any of the inflammatory things he has said lets me know everything I need to know about you Have yourself a lovely day!

  79. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon10 days ago

    Smerconish would not make a pimple on Limbaughs ass

  80. Patricio Da Silva

    Patricio Da Silva11 days ago

    I really like you, Michael, but sometimes I think you are just too damn nice! But, that's a good thing the world needs more of.

  81. Patricio Da Silva

    Patricio Da Silva11 days ago

    Well, I'm going to thank Rush Limbaugh, but for a different reason. Yes, he paved the way, and in his audience, the left behind, the hard working blokes that think leftist governments have been riding on their backs to let lazy people live of the teat of the government handouts, and all these folks found their champion, Donald Trump, con man extraordinaire, a rich guy so rich even God is impressed, and man, America got the full virus. Well, we got it, and now America knows what the disease is all about, and we've been thoroughly inoculated, and the Republican party has been destroyed into two solid camps, the sensible, moderate, well established, educated, old guard republicans, and the brash, young, uncompromising, in your face, loud mouth, racist and misogynist, jew hating gay hating gun fetishing morons in whom Trump is their champion. They have always been there, afraid to take off their hoods, well, Trump, gave them the courage to come out,, get on social media, and let everyone know who they are, not to mention a number of whom will soon be incarcerated and thrown under the bus by their dear leader. who pardoned ony his cronies but not those who really believed in him, attacked the capitol for him. Little did they know their 'champion only wanted their money and adulation, and not much else. I mean, really, a billionaire from seedy side of NYC is your champion? Excuse me, but y'all have taken stoopid to new heights. But, thanks Rush, for giving us Trump, and America is now inoculated against Trump, he's out of the picture, and guys like him will never come to power, ever again and the GOP is now a shit show. Now, we can get back to normal. You might not like it, but it's a much calmer sea, having to compromise with a larger sector of America you don't like, nor do they particularly like you. But get this, and get it good, there are more of us than there are of you. Got that? Good. Now, can we just get along?

  82. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson10 days ago

    @Patricio Da Silva I gotcha but still great analysis!

  83. Patricio Da Silva

    Patricio Da Silva10 days ago

    @Brad Thompson Nope, I'm a Bill Maher liberal. Not woke, not crazy.

  84. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson10 days ago

    I agree with about 90% of what you said you sound like a reasonable conservative I myself am an independent but overall great analysis!

  85. Wonderwall36

    Wonderwall3611 days ago

    Thank you for calling me a Ditto-head, Mr. Smerconish, hugely appreciated.

  86. Byron Rainer

    Byron Rainer11 days ago

    Just another bigot taking a dirt nap. 😂

  87. Nate Gerard Real Estate Team

    Nate Gerard Real Estate Team11 days ago

    Cause: elimination of the fairness doctrine Effect: polarizing talk radio and cable news

  88. Richard Lionheart

    Richard Lionheart11 days ago

    Godspeed Prince Rush. May flocks of angels guide your way home. Keep the humidor stocked and a seat open at the poker table. 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  89. Robert Forrester

    Robert Forrester11 days ago

    Such was Limbaugh's reach on mindless sycophants who wouldn't know a critical thought if it bit them in the place their balls were supposed to be.

  90. Edwin Wise

    Edwin Wise11 days ago

    Rush took the discourse from policy disputes to we just need to vilify and all hate the same people. Your touting his genius ? Does take much creativity to stir up a bunch of people or lie to them to stoke violence. We always knew who this guy was .The fact you hold him in such high esteem speaks volumes about who you are

  91. thinghammer

    thinghammer11 days ago

    I've never killed anyone, but I have read a few obituaries with satisfaction.

  92. Ben Yager

    Ben Yager11 days ago

    God Blessed Rush...

  93. ham mic

    ham mic11 days ago

    people charged for jan 6 ... need to sue civilly for been miss lead by these lying mother f..cks that need to pay for their actions ... they have money ... let them put there money where there mouth is ... where your ass is right now... civil court... don t take the fall alone

  94. Lauren Peck

    Lauren Peck11 days ago

    He helped us get through the Clinton years. He was a great man, funny and at times said things I did not like. But he was the voice for us. If you call CNN a fair, unbiased and uncruel station, you are nuts. RIP Rush.

  95. Victor Monreale

    Victor Monreale11 days ago

    I never kill anyone, but i read some obituaries with great satisfaction ( Mark Twain)

  96. Jon Bridge

    Jon Bridge11 days ago

    I do understand that this country has about 70 million hateful hearts hear the church evangelicals are also part of the stain of this country, they have not grasp what the lord Jesus Christ has been saying to them I hope he opened their eyes so they can have enough time to repent ..they have no love . Their God is trump not Jesus Christ but the Bible say that judgement will begin at the house of God first I hope the lord will open their eyes before time draws for eternity


    MARIA DE MENCHEN11 days ago


  98. Lucy Goosey

    Lucy Goosey11 days ago

    I’m NEVER happy when anyone dies. However I am NOT mourning this loss. He is and was a hateful person. So be it.


    MARIA DE MENCHEN11 days ago

    ..The Rush Limbaugh Show "grew to be the most listened-to radio show in the USA, airing on 600 stations."IHeartRadio noted that at its peak, the show reached more than 43 million.The Rush Limbaugh Show "grew to be the most listened-to radio show in the USA, airing on 600 stations."IHeartRadio noted that at its peak, the show reached more than 43 million.

  100. Jon Bridge

    Jon Bridge11 days ago

    I’ve often wonder how these hateful men get to have a wife but I soon realized that their wife’s are just as hateful as the men they marry

  101. Warren Hastings

    Warren Hastings11 days ago

    So that tells you where a big chunk of white men heads are at. Nothing of substance just raw hate thats why the country is so far behind then you have your corp dems...OMG!!

  102. Chris Stitt

    Chris Stitt11 days ago

    Rush was a great American and patriot and a voice for ppl who had no voice. Ppl who go to work everyday and keep this economy moving in spite of liberal polices that hold us back.

  103. Byron Anderson

    Byron Anderson11 days ago

    Rush is not dead, this is "Fake News"! LOL

  104. Labowski2569

    Labowski256911 days ago

    Cancer didn't get Limbaugh, he was cancer.

  105. Claude Williams

    Claude Williams11 days ago


  106. Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan11 days ago

    drop the E when adding MENT

  107. JMP

    JMP11 days ago

    Caustic windbag dead. What took him so long?

  108. mrzeegrr

    mrzeegrr11 days ago

    Rush was a punk-ass pill head. a Useless human. Glad he's gone.

  109. Raymond Ford

    Raymond Ford11 days ago

    What made Rush resonate? It was the downward spiral of our education system. Reading and critical thinking skills are at an all time low and now those poorly educated are in politics

  110. Joseph A. Marchese

    Joseph A. Marchese11 days ago

    Trash...that's all ! TRASH

  111. AQ M

    AQ M11 days ago

    The minuscule number of views and upvotes on CNN videos is hilarious..

  112. Pete Urbann

    Pete Urbann11 days ago

    Michael Smerconish used the same kind of divisive speech on His 1210 Philadelphia talk show back in the day. Birds of a feather.

  113. reliablebow

    reliablebow11 days ago

    Say bye bye.... Bye Bye.... whew, glad he finally left the building. What a gaslighter. Someone here said that he probably went into his office(Lair?) after a show, waited 5 minutes, then laughed uncontrollably.’s a gas🤣 The Grand Munipulator...Godspeed.

  114. James Turner

    James Turner11 days ago

    There hasn’t been this much joy in Munchkin Land since the house fell on the witch. Good riddance to bad garbage.

  115. 408knw

    408knw8 days ago

    Rush's words continue to ring - the truth he told moment-to-moment will be right there for generations. And you?

  116. Brian

    Brian11 days ago

    So it wasn't Russia Russia Russia that helped trump it was Rush Rush Rush. How can we get the metal trump gave him taken back? For what reason(s) did he really receive it?

  117. J. E. Klopfer

    J. E. Klopfer11 days ago

    Limbaugh's legacy is "the spreader of HATE !"

  118. Space Lemur

    Space Lemur11 days ago

    The first time I ever heard his sneering voice and mean content, I was completely put off. I was stunned that my parents, who were formerly compasionate towards all, fell sway to him and became so bigoted. He ruined many families with his nastiness. Good riddance.

  119. Kevin Sysyn

    Kevin Sysyn11 days ago

    Its will forever confound me that Limbaugh and Trump, the two greatest darlings of 40 million Christians never invoked the lord or scripture but were openly sinful, immoral, downright evil disturbed people.