Ted Cruz travels to Cancun as Texans remain without power

Sen. Ted Cruz and his family flew to Cancun, Mexico, he confirmed in a statement to CNN, as a winter disaster in his home state left millions without power or water.
Cruz, a Texas Republican, said in the statement he flew down for a night because his daughters "asked to take a trip with friends."
"With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon," he said in the statement. "My staff and I are in constant communication with state and local leaders to get to the bottom of what happened in Texas. We want our power back, our water on, and our homes warm. My team and I will continue using all our resources to keep Texans informed and safe."
Cruz tested negative for Covid-19 before returning, an aide told CNN.
His statement comes hours after multiple Twitter users posted photos showing Cruz and his family at Houston's airport and aboard a flight bound for Cancun, Mexico.
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  1. Randy W

    Randy W10 hours ago

    There you are spreading the Wuflu all over town🤣

  2. Michael

    Michael2 days ago

    It's so great to see cnn with a bonafide butt hurt conniption over Cruz all while thousands of jobs have now been lost thanks to their illegitimate hero

  3. Chuch Villa

    Chuch Villa2 days ago

    Ted Cruz was born in Canada from Cuban decent, he believes he is white man, he doesn't believe to be a Latino. Ted Cruz is a Canadian man living in Texas. He is supposedly representing Latino interest in Texas. Texas has 38% latino population, about 35% of them of Mexican decent. He was ready for a coup d'etat in the United States, just like his fellow county man and childhood idol Fidel Castro. He also heavyly supported to build a wall to the neighbor Mexico. Ted Cruz needs to be flipped in the next election. Texas doesn't need a gusano in a land that used to be Mexican. Texans-Mexican let's flip this Canadian for a Texas born from Mexican decent. Let s go Texas!

  4. 64maxpower

    64maxpower2 days ago

    Well , he can work from home. He has a bad back so he can't shovel snow. And you work better with a clear mind. I bet he went to Senior Frogs and had booze poured down his mouth

  5. chris

    chris4 days ago

    Is this retracted yet ? Why is this video still up ? How was a mistake like this even made ? A guy getting on a plane looked like ted cruz and y'all ran with it and leave the video up ?

  6. Curt N.

    Curt N.4 days ago

    Ted Cruz is George Costanza when fire 🔥 in kitchen at kids party.

  7. Omar dominguez

    Omar dominguez5 days ago

    Good for ted if the governor from California can have dinner with his buddies inside a restaurant where no mask and pelosi can walk in to a beauty salon without a mask why not ..... Should I keep going ...you go Ted don't listen to these mental crats

  8. Smit Jimmers

    Smit Jimmers5 days ago

    Reading all these comments, it’s very evident you ‘people’ actually have no intention of uniting the country...just happy to be on the side with the most guns when the inevitable civil war breaks out

  9. Nev Rami

    Nev Rami5 days ago

    Ted Cruz wants to act like hes HEB...

  10. Steve Mcduffee

    Steve Mcduffee6 days ago

    When ted starts to sleep with Chinese spys, or lies like biden ,then ill worry about ted.

  11. Carlos Espinosa

    Carlos Espinosa6 days ago

    Ask Biden he eliminate 100 thousand jobs in the USA the first day tha he was in office Mr Cruz is positive and loves America ...

  12. Sharann Bray

    Sharann Bray7 days ago

    Why do these people ever do unbiased reporting. Cruz was a nothing burger.

  13. Desk Studio animation

    Desk Studio animation7 days ago

    As much as I don't like CNN, they have a point. Ted Cruz is a total asshole

  14. usssanjacinto1

    usssanjacinto17 days ago

    Let me change your title: "Andrew Cuomo remains governor while 15,000 are dead because of him."

  15. dpdy

    dpdy7 days ago

    He’s the best governor ever. He is doing such a good job! Oh wait....Biden’s win is secured right??? Okay, now we can tell people the truth.

  16. Benji Lando

    Benji Lando7 days ago

    He was being a good dad and at the same time he was working on his computer. If any democrat had done this they would be praised by the fake news media. Yet cnn still refuses to talk about andrew cuomo being investigated for putting china virus patients in nursing homes where everyone died, and he is being investigated for sexual harassment. I guess the metoomovement only applies against repulbicans

  17. Robert Hartford

    Robert Hartford8 days ago

    Odumba went to Rio.

  18. Antonio Rivero

    Antonio Rivero8 days ago

    Como siempre, CNN tergiversando las cosas

  19. Moxie Boots

    Moxie Boots9 days ago

    Cuomo moves elderly to nursing homes to die. Let’s talk about that

  20. Bonnie Prete

    Bonnie Prete9 days ago

    At least cruz can admit he was wrong can gov cuomo He will never admit it

  21. Tim S

    Tim S9 days ago

    Ted Cruz goes on vacation and the left wants a resignation. Eric Swalwell sleeps with a spy and....nothing!

  22. KJ Hocken

    KJ Hocken9 days ago

    Oh waaaaa boo hoo,

  23. Ann Car

    Ann Car9 days ago

    Ted did it right. God comes first, then spouse and family followed by work. He did it right. Proud of you Ted.

  24. Henry Clark

    Henry Clark9 days ago


  25. rokaforkrak

    rokaforkrak10 days ago

    ''i know i know .. the people , no food , water , freezing , dying ... but my kid really really wanted to go !!!! you know !! ''

  26. Krie

    Krie10 days ago

    Ted needs to be less white! 🤣😂

  27. Alan

    Alan10 days ago

    Choice between 2 kids in an expensive hotel room and the warm, open beaches, let's see... Ooo that's a hard one, let me circle back.

  28. Soviet Elmo

    Soviet Elmo6 days ago

    His job is to lead the state. Your not supposed to abandon Texas during a crisis. He isn’t some normal Texas citizen, he has a job to do, and that is to guide Texas.

  29. service asap

    service asap11 days ago

    "Cancun Coward"!

  30. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton12 days ago

    Explain to me: why the Democrats are questioning an Election in a House Race Mairette Miller-Meeks and Amy Hart. Amy Hart has gone to House Committee to get it overturned, instead of going through the Courts like POTUS Trump. This is happening in Iowa and they are hearing the case. Yet, they refused POTUS Trump. Why are the Democrats getting away with this , yet POTUS Trump was silenced? Explain I want to understand???? And this is nor in the Media???? Why???

  31. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton12 days ago

    Explain to me: Americans can write, email, and call your All Representatives at the Capitol, State, Local for a Transparent Audit on the 2020 Presidential Election. The American People have the right to Recount and Truth. Why Americans are not being told how???

  32. Jim Shreve

    Jim Shreve12 days ago

    Everybody lets send ted some FROZEN "Texas Toast"

  33. Libby Mcbibby

    Libby Mcbibby12 days ago

    Yo CNN what about Cuomo? The killer of thousands!

  34. Garen McVay

    Garen McVay12 days ago

    Ted Cruz the water boy said when you can't take the cold you get out of Texas. And go to Cancun!

  35. mij cirtap

    mij cirtap13 days ago

    President Joe Biden’s nominee for U.S. attorney general, Merrick Garland, said during the first day of his confirmation hearing on Monday that the attacks on federal courthouses in the Pacific Northwest may not qualify as domestic terrorism because the attacks happen at night when the court is closed. “Let me ask you about assaults on federal property in places other than Washington, D.C. Portland for instance, Seattle,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said. “Do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism?

  36. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton13 days ago

    American People do your RESEARCH. Be objective and listen to all News and all other platforms. You will see the truth. Wake up Americans!!! I believed in Democrat, then I started doing my own Research because the main News Media, I noticed they were lying repeating the same stuff to push the narrative and agendas. Talk is cheap, Research and correct knowledge is priceless. I was born into a Democratic family I choose now as an Adult and My Own Person. AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST!!!🇨🇱🇺🇸👍

  37. Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo13 days ago

    Lyin' Flyin' Cryin' Theodore Cruz!

  38. Roman !

    Roman !13 days ago

    Clinton whent 26 times to Epstein islan and you did not report this..

  39. Felicia B Brown

    Felicia B Brown13 days ago

    Ted is just plan stupid. Why would he use the cops like that??????

  40. Felicia B Brown

    Felicia B Brown13 days ago

    Trump called him right lying Ted

  41. Charmain Edwards

    Charmain Edwards13 days ago

    He did because he n his family were affected...it makes a difference when these pple are affected directly

  42. Monica Ponce

    Monica Ponce13 days ago

    Taking care of people is a governor ‘s or president’s job!!!

  43. SmSler55

    SmSler5513 days ago

    And Biden plays Mario carts! Where is Biden when his Vice Presint is calling world leaders instead of Biden. CNN is a disgrace like Biden.

  44. David Smith

    David Smith13 days ago

    I think it was probably someone from ANTIFA impersonating Ted Cruz. Snakes on a plane. Fake news, that usually a good get out or draining the swamp maybe?

  45. Gonz

    Gonz13 days ago

    what Ted Cruz did, travelling to Cancun so his kids are safe, is what immigrants do. They leave behind family, friends, language, carrer, etc. to live under the shadow of deportation for years or decades, because even that is better than the place they came from.

  46. Soviet Elmo

    Soviet Elmo6 days ago

    Refugees don’t lead where they are from. Huge difference. Also, Cruz is supposed to represent Texas. How would Texans feel about being represented by a coward?

  47. Beijing Joe

    Beijing Joe13 days ago

    relax lib-cultists, it was cancun, not epstein's island.

  48. Карл Маркс

    Карл Маркс13 days ago

    I feel sorry for you, fellow Texans, that you’ve elected him! He fled to Cancun, while Texas wasn’t okay at all! It was freezing! He should be ashamed!

  49. Diann Showers

    Diann Showers13 days ago

    Tequila Ted is a low life. Then he blamed his kids

  50. David Gibbons

    David Gibbons13 days ago

    He said he regretted his decision to go to Cancun, it wasn't the trip he regretted, it was that he didn't take a private plane so he wouldn't be recognized.

  51. Ram 4570

    Ram 457013 days ago

    I just ordered my impeach Biden / Harris T-shirt and mask!

  52. Eric Rock

    Eric Rock13 days ago

    So, biden and his country killing EO's are not news worthy? You're all traitors.

  53. Red Out

    Red Out13 days ago

    Bad optics - but here in New York we have a governor who’s order resulted in the deaths of 15,000 of our seniors and he lied, covered it up as threatened to destroy those who spoke the truth

  54. Bridget Engle

    Bridget Engle13 days ago

    Ice storm in Oregon!!!!!

  55. Maria Huerta

    Maria Huerta13 days ago

    He needs to be voted out.

  56. Martin _

    Martin _13 days ago

    Ted cruz and cnn are the same shit

  57. Hatori Hanso 123

    Hatori Hanso 12313 days ago

    He wanted to go somewhere hot, I am sure he will go somewhere hot in the end, a damn hot place.

  58. Juan Bermudez

    Juan Bermudez13 days ago

    A manipulative sob that does not give a rat's ass just like Donald J Trump

  59. Juan Bermudez

    Juan Bermudez13 days ago

    Ted Cruz is a moron

  60. Fred Max

    Fred Max13 days ago

    But Cruz insisted that Mexico was going to pay for his trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Laurence Thornblade

    Laurence Thornblade13 days ago

    Cruz apologized 2 days ago. Nothing compared to when Joe Biden talked about how he black mailed Ukraine when they were investigating his son. It's all on you tube for all to see.

  62. Pete Wilcox

    Pete Wilcox13 days ago

    this is your boy Texas. your republican boy...you voted him, you wanted him, and you got him!! enjoy.

  63. Pete Wilcox

    Pete Wilcox13 days ago

    when the going gets tough...Ted goes to...MEXICO!!! HAHAHAHAH.

  64. Roughneck Garcia

    Roughneck Garcia13 days ago


  65. Mike Brian

    Mike Brian13 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore that a week before we got the artic blast Texas asked DOE to lift federal regulations on energy output to sustain power in freezing conditions. But the Biden administration told Ercot to stay within "green energy" standards. Making texas purchase energy from other states at a ridiculous price screwing Texans. Plus are "green energy wind farms" were frozen and caused many outages also.

  66. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton13 days ago

    Explain to me: the videos on Biden, Hunter, Pelosi, Kamala, and other Democrats committed TREASON CRIMES on NATIONAL TV and are still in office. The Impeachment Trail proved their TREASON. SO WHY HAVE THEY NOT PUT IN JAIL ALONG WITH OTHER DEFENDANTS THAT COMMITTED TREASON AGAINST POTUS TRUMP FROM 2016 THRU 1/20/2021. WHY ARE THEY IN OFFICE? WHY IS THERE NO INVESTIGATION? WHY? EXPLAIN?

  67. victor li

    victor li13 days ago

    This guy as a US senator has absolutely no accountability. WOW, is sickens me to hear him explaining.

  68. old trucker

    old trucker13 days ago

    Anthony Cuomo is under investigation for killing how many thousands of senior citizens, and you're worried about this! 👉🥴

  69. R. Marie Mouton

    R. Marie Mouton14 days ago

    Explain to me: why Biden is still in office when he had a prosecutor fired for his son Biden. Why? Explain? The Impeachment showed Democrats committing TREASON to the POTUS Trump between 2016 to 1/20/2021 on TV etc. Explain? TREASON was committed against POTUS Trump and nothing is happening to these Politicians? Explain? The whole world can see it.

  70. mij cirtap

    mij cirtap14 days ago

    Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly used thousands in taxpayer funds to purchase groceries, liquor, and dry cleaning for her personal use. Grisham racked up a $13,500 tab during the last six months of 2020, according to financial disclosures reported on by the Sante Fe New Mexican. Her bill allegedly included $6,500 in luxurious groceries such as Wagyu beef and tuna steaks, as well as bottles of tequila, vodka, gin, wine, and beer.

  71. mij cirtap

    mij cirtap14 days ago


  72. Arkeiah

    Arkeiah14 days ago

    This is why voting is important! Stop making rich people leaders, and put people in place that really care!!!

  73. Biznez Buddy

    Biznez Buddy14 days ago

    Ted Cruz sunbathing, swimming & drinking Tequila with friends in Cancun while his constituents are dying of Hypothermia!!!This is the public servant that you voted to make Texas Great Again.

  74. Mr. C.

    Mr. C.14 days ago

    You have no right to complain if you voted for him.

  75. Sid Saxena

    Sid Saxena14 days ago

    Trump called Ted out right......laying Ted, ugly wife

  76. Rebecca Hernandez

    Rebecca Hernandez14 days ago

    So what was he gonna do? The most he could have done was call people on the phone. He literally couldn’t go or do anything for all of us in Texas. I want to know where was Biden? Trump would have been on it the first day.

  77. Colleen Lally-ross

    Colleen Lally-ross14 days ago

    Only one part I disagree with... It was 100% a state issue not " partly". Texas has its OWN grid, this has happened before so they knew better!!

  78. Todd Mintz

    Todd Mintz14 days ago

    Biden just said minorities are too stupid to use the internet uslikes.info/house/dXpt3cioxHmAZaY/video.html

  79. ioan Dumitru

    ioan Dumitru14 days ago

    Ted Cruz made America great again - he gone together with Silvester Stalone to free Navalnîi from Myanmar, but CIA abandoned that mission because the insider said Navalnîi is no longer in the same prison with his wife Su Chi, but was moved in Cancun city in Siberia ...

  80. Pontoon Sally

    Pontoon Sally14 days ago

    That's okay. Coumo killed people. Talk about that loser.

  81. Matthew Dust

    Matthew Dust14 days ago

    Who cares. He came back in a day. Did we already forget that a governor in this country hid the details about deaths of thousands of people?

  82. Noah Ark

    Noah Ark14 days ago

    It didn't get above 0 degrees for atleast a week where I live recently including 30 below zero.havent these people heard of wood stoves?

  83. Electric Gigolo

    Electric Gigolo14 days ago

    Flyin' Ted where did he go?, He fled the state to Mexico, Knowing folks were so upset, He ran back to Fox to instead, Used his kids to save his head, Lyin' Ted.

  84. Ginger P

    Ginger P14 days ago

    Anyone remember how he protested help for the Hurricane Sandy victims? The hypocrisy is REAL! Hell, the guy was born Rafael....but insists on being called Ted. Guess that makes him sound more White. Mexico may rethink paying for that wall...to keep Americans OUT! Especially when they bring dangerous viruses with them. You never know-was Ted tested at the border?

  85. Zippy Ustar

    Zippy Ustar14 days ago

    Fled Cruzebag or Ted Douchebag it’s all the same he will never be president he was born in Calgary/

  86. Yves Delage

    Yves Delage14 days ago

    Merriam-Webster dictionary should use Ted Cruse’s photo as the image accompanying the “Hypocrite” entry.

  87. Miles Warren

    Miles Warren14 days ago

    He is pissing on Texans heads and saying its raining!

  88. Edgar Felix

    Edgar Felix14 days ago

    Sounds to me like Ted Cruz is becoming too complacent. Hopefully, there are suitable consequences for this.

  89. Drew Lawrason

    Drew Lawrason14 days ago

    Let the man take a vacation..it’s cold..what’s he supposed to directly do in Texas

  90. Faye Chioke

    Faye Chioke14 days ago

    Lol, his behavior is so Trump. You know when you are sucking up to Trump, you start acting like him.

  91. David McClellan

    David McClellan14 days ago

    Lying Ted just showed us all his real self Just like always does Like when he tried to overthrow the government. Worst excuse for a human being.

  92. Illumni trollers

    Illumni trollers14 days ago

    Cuomo has killed a lot of elderly people this is nothing compared to this

  93. Brice Denium

    Brice Denium14 days ago

    Ted Cruz causes PR problem just looked bad. Andrew Cuomo and his policies killed thousands of people in New York gets no coverage. Seems very interesting to me

  94. Red Out

    Red Out14 days ago

    Here in New York we have a governor ( Cuomo) who killed 15,000 senior citizens and totally covered it up. Now he’s threatening to destroy people who are calling for him to be investigated

  95. HotRod G

    HotRod G14 days ago

    Biden visited yet? This host is such a joke lmao clown

  96. m h

    m h14 days ago

    What’s the big deal? Billy Clinton left Hillary behind when he traveled 20+ times to Epstein’s pedophile isle. That was considered a beautiful act of hopey changey.

  97. Ricardo Rodrigijez

    Ricardo Rodrigijez14 days ago

    The corrupted Ted Cruz was bought by the Olga or oligarch the oil Baron ind. How you think Ted Cruz get to go on Family Vacation? He receive big profit in the formed of the GOP campaign contribution funds who are being manipulated and coerced by the oil industry to corrupted people like Ted Cruz and others GOP to line their own pocket with lots of cash, we must vote all these corrupt Confederate QAnon GOP of the Trump party all out of office, all of them, country first" before party? or they "destroy" our "country" next the "world".😡😠👎 FACT !!

  98. ehill1536

    ehill153614 days ago

    The odd reality of being abandoned by your representative and having your sworn enemy, AOC, do more to help people in crisis. It's past time for Republicans to go back to the drawing board. Please stop electing puppets who really don't care about anything but the rich and their own bottomline.

  99. Isais Chavez

    Isais Chavez14 days ago

    Good freakin Dad ?!!? I thought Mexico was Extremely Dangerous with Cartels, Rapist, robbers all that bad Crap .. So let me drop off the daughters there?? Let me get this straight Mexico?? Let’s build a wall to block them off.. YOUR A JOKE TED CRUZ

  100. JimBobBek

    JimBobBek14 days ago

    Obviously the DNC is trying to turn Texas Blue

  101. JimBobBek

    JimBobBek14 days ago

    But LA is fine 😂 lol NYC is fine 😂 😂 lol cNn you are the worst

  102. JimBobBek

    JimBobBek14 days ago

    Cause Cruz is a republican ... 😂 😂 😂 wow cnn is so dumb 😂 😂 😂

  103. JimBobBek

    JimBobBek14 days ago

    Out CNN is so dumb 😂