NASA team cheers after successful Mars rover landing

NASA's Perseverance rover has safely landed on Mars after its 292.5 million-mile journey from Earth, the agency confirmed. CNN's Brooke Baldwin discusses the mission's significance with retired NASA astronaut Col. Ron Garan.
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  1. Xristina Mamatopoulou

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  2. Won’t take You Long

    Won’t take You Long2 days ago

    I am fucking laughing unstop lmao 6.5 meters in 33 minutes.

  3. Robert Ness

    Robert Ness2 days ago

    Imagine if humans actually believed this garbage

  4. YYY

    YYY2 days ago

    They probably really wanted to hug each other at the end😂😂🤣🤣😆😆


    THE FALCRON3 days ago

    Alien dad : son Alien son : yes dad? Alien dad : look son, a hama!! Alien son : yes I know right Dedy, because Mom always told me to stay away from them.

  6. Petrus Invictus

    Petrus Invictus3 days ago

    It is huge. 6 min time laps he or she landid self! 2001, what shehe will do!?

  7. Waris Ali

    Waris Ali4 days ago

    Proud America

  8. Crisperdad

    Crisperdad5 days ago

    Nasa is getting images all the way from Mars.... I can't get a signal from Surrey to White Rock

  9. Rogelio Rey

    Rogelio Rey5 days ago

    That's a fucking video game fakest shit ever

  10. cameron E

    cameron E5 days ago

    Nasa thinks Mars is just like

  11. Camping Alberta Canada

    Camping Alberta Canada5 days ago

  12. Maurice Cardinal

    Maurice Cardinal5 days ago

  13. Ruciel Divine Chavez

    Ruciel Divine Chavez7 days ago

    Good job everyone👏


    FITA DE RESTAURANT rEO7 days ago


  15. Ruciel Divine Chavez

    Ruciel Divine Chavez7 days ago

    Watching this people they are sooooo amazing so intelligent 👏

  16. Murimi Kaburu

    Murimi Kaburu7 days ago

    The helicopter attached to River should kidnap one alien and bring it here on earth. He will answer many questions we seek to know about mars.

  17. Murimi Kaburu

    Murimi Kaburu7 days ago

    There must have BN sweating in the Room. After the landing think about how man is blessed by God. Praise be his holy name

  18. Thrash Zone

    Thrash Zone7 days ago

    Oh boy Wearing 2 masks 😷

  19. Cpt. Saroug

    Cpt. Saroug7 days ago

    So what my eyes actually see is a fresh young team of "experts" listening to a womans voice and watching a video game like interface... So that's mars..?

  20. jon irenicus

    jon irenicusDay ago

    Yes this is what you give them trillions of dollars for, CGI images. Now ask where the money really goes.....

  21. Shooky

    Shooky8 days ago

    Kerbals did them better

  22. Chairman 001

    Chairman 0018 days ago

    wonderful CGI 300,000,000 miles lol

  23. Kel San

    Kel San8 days ago

    What if the perseverance landed at the bottom of the won't landed successfully. Good thing they projected to landed in the crater of mars

  24. beat edwins

    beat edwins9 days ago

    It was the first nation to put man on moon they are likely to be the first nation to put man on mars

  25. sandeep soni

    sandeep soni9 days ago

    Dear America, Your Taxis Your Satellites Your Mars Rover All need Indians :-)

  26. satish patel

    satish patel9 days ago

    Alien community, I saw UFO in sky

  27. Yugi Tsukasa

    Yugi Tsukasa10 days ago

    Nice, i feel the chill.

  28. David Scott

    David Scott10 days ago

    Over six decades of NASA research. Relevant information. Planetary samples at Smithsonian's are composed same materials like earth's rocks.

  29. Werewolf King224

    Werewolf King22410 days ago

    Fake as hell how come they didn't show footage of the rover leaving earth nasa can tell the masses any lie and they will believe it without thinking

  30. Jo

    Jo11 days ago

    Doesn’t get much Faker !!!

  31. Jo

    Jo11 days ago

    CNN and NASA -- it must be real right ? CNN and NASA are the Kings of Brainwashing Sheeple --

  32. S P

    S P11 days ago America. YES!

  33. Rick Vaughn Diaz

    Rick Vaughn Diaz11 days ago

    Those Claps made me proud and inspired me to become more interested with NASA

  34. Yaj Tsheej yeej

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  35. David Colmenero

    David Colmenero11 days ago

    Half life 3 confirmed 👍

  36. Commodore James Norrington

    Commodore James Norrington12 days ago

    Damn this is amazing. I'm just laying here in my bed watching another planet millions of miles away from my small phone. It's amazing to think how human started from sticks and stones to exploring another planet. Goddamn

  37. Wong Kar What

    Wong Kar What12 days ago

    We're not done fucking up this planet lets go leave trash on another one. We can't pay for Med4all or education in this country but we can send a piece of metal to mars😑 priorities...

  38. Butch O’Hare

    Butch O’Hare12 days ago

    Should never have let women in there

  39. Poldariser

    Poldariser12 days ago

    Yeah right!

  40. Athanasios Mitropoulos

    Athanasios Mitropoulos12 days ago

    What about spirit the first robot in mars🥺

  41. V Saint

    V Saint12 days ago

    @7:45 the emotional compensation you all have been waiting for

  42. hosebeelion

    hosebeelion12 days ago

    7:17 When you match with a baddie on tinder and she stop responding


    TAPIWA GWANDURE12 days ago


  44. MuhammadAli_GOAT

    MuhammadAli_GOAT13 days ago

    Aliens: "Oh look! the human virus that refers to itself as "the superiorly intelligent of species" that ironically destroys everything on its own life source - including blowing each other up, having wars, killing its own species - is now putting into practice its new-found desires and intelligence to become a multi-planetary breeding destructive virus on the closest floating rock - to yet again, wait for this..... save itself! those little egotistical viruses truly are a weird bunch - another rock we must now note to avoid at all costs"

  45. srdjan srdjan

    srdjan srdjan13 days ago

    Da li iko normalan u ovo vjeruje ahahaha kakva smijesna bolesna laz!

  46. Velcro

    Velcro13 days ago

    Could you imagine if a goofy bird flew by the camera and said "Hi Mom!" No idea why that thought came into my head on the descent. Truly amazing footage. I got very emotional

  47. PS 4

    PS 413 days ago

    Nice CGI 😆

  48. Frederick Savage

    Frederick Savage13 days ago

    Great Job. Very proud.

  49. skyzone

    skyzone13 days ago

    The us have been to Mars b4 why are they showing this..lmao..this is flute

  50. tom mccabe

    tom mccabe13 days ago

    They are such good actors. Maybe an oscar? One guy was playing pac-man on his computer.

  51. Sherry Orta

    Sherry Orta12 days ago

    Stop the cap

  52. Work Group

    Work Group13 days ago

    all thanks to Donald trump!! remember that..

  53. John Hazenhousen

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  54. Alexandra Qin

    Alexandra Qin13 days ago

    Me before video: SO EXCITINGGGGGGGGG Me 30 seconds into the video:Snore, ZZZZZ

  55. Chalky

    Chalky13 days ago

    At least they didn't mixup imperial and metric this time.

  56. gaming secrets

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  57. Joey Wongalas

    Joey Wongalas13 days ago

    *#Nice** atmosphere for a parachute.*

  58. Ashleigh Kostoroski

    Ashleigh Kostoroski13 days ago

    Those computer renditions must be real.

  59. angelina jolie

    angelina jolie13 days ago

    Good news. This why am happy I made my first profit of $7,450 today feels like I won the NBA finals

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    This is really helpful for my situation!! Thanks I will try him. but do you know how much is okay for a start let me know if I can do this?

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    Thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away

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    @angelina jolie OK thanks. I just sent him a message

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    @Nicholson Catheryne tell him. I reffed you to him.

  64. angelina jolie

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    @Nicholson Catheryne +17402042892

  65. bill barnes

    bill barnes13 days ago

    Would've been alot better if they'd take off those stupid ass masks 😠

  66. bill barnes

    bill barnes12 days ago

    @Thano s Show me proof they do. Which science do you choose to believe? The science that oppresses and dehumanizes you? Or the science (and common sense) that proves this is all a sham? They push this "sickness" upon us but they also sell the "cure". Think about that.

  67. Thano s

    Thano s12 days ago

    @bill barnes show me proof that masks dont work

  68. bill barnes

    bill barnes12 days ago

    @Thano s you can believe that bullshit all you want. It's all about control. Who's compliant and who is not. Put enough fear in a herd of sheep and they'll pretty much do anything you want. Including being led to slaughter.

  69. Thano s

    Thano s12 days ago

    They dont want to die

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  73. Pamela Barsh

    Pamela Barsh13 days ago


  74. Intelligence 21

    Intelligence 2113 days ago

    Cnn fake news

  75. d e austin

    d e austin13 days ago

    very nice. Now someone come get this thing outa my gravel pit (naw, actually this is the way I think it should be. Why waste time and resources on manned missions to Mars when machines can dig holes and find dead bugs. Put the the resources to something further afield and far more interesting)

  76. yvelaine

    yvelaine13 days ago

    Trump Mars ... Mars a largo .

  77. Buyanmandakh

    Buyanmandakh13 days ago

    U guys r awesome great job congrats 👏

  78. luke smith

    luke smith13 days ago

    Big deal, how many hungry children could this program have feed?

  79. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    It's amazing how many idiots there are that think this is faked.

  80. Johnny Frix

    Johnny Frix13 days ago

    Johnny from sri Lanka

  81. Neil Anchor

    Neil Anchor13 days ago

    Mars never had life earlier. But will have once entered into earth orbit after millions of years. Sure mercury had life earlier but burned by sun

  82. Neil Anchor

    Neil Anchor13 days ago

    @BMJpdx not now but after millions of years.

  83. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    "Once entered into earth orbit"??? Your knowledge of basic astronomy is close to nil.

  84. Neil Anchor

    Neil Anchor13 days ago

    2nd America on mars

  85. stefany das

    stefany das13 days ago

    Wow am so excited to see Rover landed to red planet mars.😃👍❤😍

  86. very interesting

    very interesting13 days ago

    They all seen the footage of the nasa employees reaction to the lunar landing back in the 60’s and so they knew how they were supposed to react to the Mars landing.

  87. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    If you think the natural action would be to be blase, you are incredibly ignorant of what a technical achievement this was. Any engineer would be overjoyed at such a success.

  88. Kocham Cie

    Kocham Cie13 days ago

    Can we use airplanes to go to Mars ?

  89. Tejashree S

    Tejashree S13 days ago

    No there is no air in space

  90. Malik Khalil

    Malik Khalil13 days ago

    Good work✌

  91. John Britto

    John Britto13 days ago

    Proud of yout swetha mohan mam.😀 With love, From malaysia

  92. Jeannette London

    Jeannette London13 days ago

    You all are cheering over a landing on Mars and can't fix the problems you have on earth start cheering when you all have dealt with the problems down here on earth be of good cheers

  93. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    So should the higher aspirations of mankind be tabled until all problems an Earth are solved? Where would that leave us today?

  94. Da Boss

    Da Boss13 days ago

    Touchdown Confirmed= Earth: 0 - Mars: 6

  95. ولی یا علی یا اللہ ھو

    ولی یا علی یا اللہ ھو13 days ago

    In dreams poss ass bill gates software

  96. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    The _Ingenuity_ rotorcraft uses a Linux operating system.

  97. Thermus Aquaticus

    Thermus Aquaticus13 days ago

    Mars would be the new earth in the future, earth would likeyly dies and become lake of fire🤔✌

  98. Duy Nguyen

    Duy Nguyen13 days ago

    2019: My battery is low, and it's getting dark. 2021: The new era of Perseverance on Mars begin

  99. THORNY

    THORNY12 days ago


  100. Lord Burlap

    Lord Burlap13 days ago

    A total waste of time and money....the Earth is going to hell and I am supposed to be thrilled over this?.....

  101. Thano s

    Thano s11 days ago

    @Lord Burlap take a look at this proof and tell me otherwise this is the video recorded by providence

  102. Lord Burlap

    Lord Burlap11 days ago

    Thano s you are SOOOOOOOO clueless.....your Star Wars Toys await you!

  103. Thano s

    Thano s11 days ago

    @Lord Burlap you are SO close minded

  104. Lord Burlap

    Lord Burlap11 days ago

    Thano s And where are we? Earth in a mess and you want to explore Mars?...get out your Star Wars Toys and play with makes more sense.

  105. Thano s

    Thano s11 days ago

    @Lord Burlap they didnt know that back then, to them back in the very old days it was useless but they decided to explore it nonetheless and here we are now

  106. WorldRenownedCFE

    WorldRenownedCFE13 days ago

    Thank you President Trump!

  107. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    Fact check: Design started in 2014. History test: Who was President in 2014?

  108. Joel

    Joel13 days ago

    Great actors

  109. Smart Box

    Smart Box13 days ago

    My small drone lost in the woods

  110. Rowen Gabriel Tumabcao

    Rowen Gabriel Tumabcao13 days ago



    SWAHILI NATION14 days ago

    In near future we will land on UR-anus and take samples.

  112. Lenford Okindo

    Lenford Okindo14 days ago

    These samples they are collecting may end up poisoning the Earths atmosphere.🙂

  113. Md Mridul Bapary

    Md Mridul Bapary14 days ago

    1 like for nasa Muslim family

  114. Mark Factor

    Mark Factor14 days ago

    Alien tech: y exactly are they clapping?

  115. London Priscilla

    London Priscilla14 days ago

    Is there a video of the shuttle take off ???? Anyone know ??

  116. Anju Shibu

    Anju Shibu14 days ago

    Swathi mohan😍

  117. Mark Rajiv Betonio

    Mark Rajiv Betonio14 days ago


  118. Mark Rajiv Betonio

    Mark Rajiv Betonio14 days ago

    Landing at Mars Las Vigas desert😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  119. Mark Rajiv Betonio

    Mark Rajiv Betonio14 days ago

    Another fake landing again of NASA😂🤣😁🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  120. Thano s

    Thano s12 days ago

    It was livestreamed

  121. Joey Feliciano

    Joey Feliciano14 days ago

    A bunch of atheists, one of them says, "oh my God" after they finish the video game! 😅

  122. BMJpdx

    BMJpdx13 days ago

    Exploring God's universe makes them atheists?

  123. EL PASTY GUERO hfa

    EL PASTY GUERO hfa14 days ago

    Video game style

  124. flawlesscarlo

    flawlesscarlo14 days ago

    That was that dam Mars landing? A camera man a room full of so-called scientists and a decent CG app could pull this off geez.

  125. Demz T.

    Demz T.14 days ago

    They seem like they all felt an org@sm all at the same time...YES!!!...YES!!!...YEEESSS!!! (an intense storm before a ray of sunlight and rainbow...)

  126. DonnHate

    DonnHate14 days ago

    With the state the Earth is in right now im not happy to see stuff like this and think that funding should be cut.....

  127. Nandana Lakshmi

    Nandana Lakshmi14 days ago

    It's 0.5 percent of the tax money.

  128. Priyojitmeitei Leitanthem

    Priyojitmeitei Leitanthem14 days ago

    It's real amazing and wonderful success of NASA... thanks to NASA team... appreciate from the core of my heart.... (Manipur Imphal.... India)

  129. Realpeopleneverpost

    Realpeopleneverpost14 days ago

    Mars just announced they will be building a wall.