Olivia Munn helps police catch suspect after shocking attack

Actress Olivia Munn joined the effort to help catch a man who viciously attacked an Asian American woman on the streets of New York City.
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  1. ChindoggOriginal

    ChindoggOriginal6 hours ago

    Sam looks like someone who Olivia Munn friend zoned.

  2. rotneder

    rotneder16 hours ago


  3. Jako Montalvo

    Jako Montalvo17 hours ago

    I will like to have help, a guy assaulted me in 690 N Lake Ave Pasadena CA and I haven’t heard nothing about it.

  4. Joe Weis

    Joe WeisDay ago

    TRUMPISM is Naked Fascism ! Fascism needs Scapegoats !!!

  5. Lady Ngia

    Lady NgiaDay ago

    it s a hate crime what reason would that be put him in prison if not go find him

  6. youtube watcher

    youtube watcherDay ago

    'Surprised that she is missing it', is she supposed to be saluting you because you have arrived?

  7. Lee tirona

    Lee tironaDay ago

    What else could it be?

  8. yh h

    yh hDay ago

    America is no longer the hope of the world, nor is it a beacon of democracy !

  9. yh h

    yh hDay ago

    When Former President Trump and some politicians took the lead in racism , this kind of attack on Asian Americans will not be the last ! America is no longer the hope of the world, nor is it a beacon of democracy !

  10. Earl the Pearl

    Earl the PearlDay ago

    Of course the "celebrity" and CNN focus on the one attack by a non-black man but don't mention that 99.9 percent of the attacks were by A A men.

  11. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin2 days ago

    This is Very Upset that Segment should be Exist on CNN INTERNATIONAL, but then they Changed to world sport at 8.30 pm/ 8.30 am (USA local time). I miss this segment at 8.30 pm Jakarta Local Time.

  12. ferdz

    ferdz2 days ago

    This is Trump's ugly legacy to this country. On his 4-year term, he has amplified racism and made it look like it's ok to do it. How many times did he say "Kung Flu" "China virus" etc? Trump was successful in emboldening his fan base, making them his racist minions. He was very successful in bringing the worst of humanity. Saddening.

  13. Anna Henderson

    Anna Henderson2 days ago

    This is hate crime 😤😒😐😑

  14. Mark A Martin

    Mark A Martin2 days ago

    They need to get at least ten years in prison for there actions that's time to think about it

  15. yuanshu liu

    yuanshu liu2 days ago

    Facts have proved that the United States is not safe.

  16. Lu C

    Lu C2 days ago

    Pieces of shit for fighting ...And a guy walks past her and not offer to help her up either...smh!

  17. micheal shawn

    micheal shawn2 days ago

    Citizens are going to have to step up and police their own neighborhoods as career politician's defund police in secret behind door meetings.

  18. A DeShawn ONG

    A DeShawn ONG2 days ago

    05th March 2021 - Racism existence way long time back, but it escalated even further and higher due to the Covid19. So Asians, kindly do be very careful when you’re out of your home. I know that it is ironic to be in that situation living in your own home country just being Asian looking.

  19. Richard Lim

    Richard Lim3 days ago

    Goodness, should we get our knickers into a twist as to what it's called? Assault is assault!

  20. G P

    G P3 days ago

    Trump could have certainly done better. But if you look at the numbers, not only hate crimes but crimes in general (assaults, thefts, robberies, even homicides) have gone up. Criminals have been released early or on “0” cash bail out. Of course they go back to do what they are good at. Hold the elected officials accountable for surging crimes.

  21. G P

    G P3 days ago

    Thank you Olivia! Without a doubt, you are beautiful inside out. As an Asian elderly, it warms my heart to know there are a lot of kind people out there. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  22. Bongo Fury

    Bongo Fury5 days ago

    It’s fascinating that the media refuses to mention the perps are “institutionally discriminated, men of color”.

  23. Krypton853

    Krypton8535 days ago

    Last year It was all about Black Lives Matter and the election oh and Trump. The Asian Americans who are being Prejudiced upon by the public because of the Pandemic have to fend for themselves. They had no help from the Media Olivia Munn and Daniel Dae Kim.

  24. True Insight With Rose

    True Insight With Rose5 days ago

    It is funny how Trump and white supremacists are the main attackers of Asians but the media and the Asian community are spreading the propaganda that black people are the racist aggressors. Asians have always had hate in their hearts against black Americans. Biden and the Asain community is trying to flip hate crime perpetrators as black people, taking attention off of systemic racism and white supremacist terrorist. This is another addition to Biden's crime bill. He is trying to fill up the federal prisons with black people charged with hate crime help from the media and the Asian community. Please, please black fam stop giving those Asians your business. Do your best to stay away from them., watch your surroundings and keep your phones on record. There are Asain provoker's that are attacking black people and claiming the retaliation and defense of a black person as a hate crime against Asians. This an agenda. Black Americans have never been protected. No executive orders ever signed for black people to stop white supremacists police from killing black people. Asians are white supremacists' allies. We have no friends, we only have us. Be safe fam!!!

  25. Rico Diaz

    Rico Diaz5 days ago

    Munn walking on egg shells right now, Racist bitch.

  26. Angel Taniya

    Angel Taniya6 days ago

    The entertaining road postauricularly destroy because jail bailly blush in a cooing railway. abaft, barbarous wednesday

  27. Zhen Niu

    Zhen Niu6 days ago

    I'm pretty sure "sleeping" is an Asian's polite way of saying "I don't want to be on TV."

  28. Matthew Simmons

    Matthew Simmons6 days ago

    But that's because only BLM uslikes.info/house/pqFvmrSIyXuudsg/video.html

  29. Secret Squirrel

    Secret Squirrel6 days ago

    Not a hate crime⁉️. His mom does not speak English - how can this NOT be a hate crime?

  30. 빗자루

    빗자루6 days ago

    Sad truth how many people around the incident just watching and no one even dared to protect the woman 😔

  31. Haily Rizzo

    Haily Rizzo6 days ago

    I've said it before. The behavior of American society towards Asians is just like the attack. Everybody else just stands and watch and do NOTHING. It is Asian americans themselves that have to step up to do something. The media and the cops, the authorities just do what they are paid to do. It is Olivia Munn. It's Daniel Kim. What about the rest of American society and the Hollywood royalty? They don't speak up or do anything for Asian Americans like what they do for African Americans.

  32. Muh Gin

    Muh Gin6 days ago

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  33. Mister Resister

    Mister Resister7 days ago

    "I'm surprised she's missing this ..." WTF are you??? You and your fake news show are probably the last thing on this lady's mind. Go create issues where none exist. That's what you're good at.

  34. Pac Man

    Pac Man7 days ago

    Olivia only stepped up cause a friend was involved nothing else smh

  35. Mel Garcia

    Mel Garcia7 days ago

    I think America is not my dream country to see anymore. Not safe for us Asians.

  36. NintendoFreakX

    NintendoFreakX7 days ago

    She not got to play as a fictional super hero (Psylocke) but now she temporarily got be a real life hero as well.

  37. Black Patriot Truth Serum

    Black Patriot Truth Serum7 days ago

    Propaganda show alll to appease china for all those COVID-19 jokes that's all. Theres no such thing as anti asian hate crime. Stop blaming people for what some individual criminal does...sheesh.

  38. Black Patriot Truth Serum

    Black Patriot Truth Serum7 days ago

    This is all the propaganda machine pushing these false narratives. Crime happens to everybody in a America stop lying to the public. How do you know this was racially motivated?? They are trying to appease china all because of COVID-19 jokes...

  39. Whirled Peas

    Whirled Peas7 days ago

    The demonization of China by Western politicians and mainstream media is the primary cause of hate crimes against Asians.

  40. Mui Do

    Mui Do7 days ago

    I am asian and I will arm myself for protection

  41. GJ Haokip

    GJ Haokip7 days ago

    This is called Human Rights in America😂

  42. Ben Lam

    Ben Lam7 days ago

    The real psylocke.

  43. Strijd Dansk

    Strijd Dansk7 days ago

    ... it is unfortunate to have to welcome you to the club - the club of being hated & despised for simply looking or speaking as one does, a sad reality I know all too well. 🇲🇽 Stay strong, my Asian amigos/amigas.✌- a Mexican in the Trump-era.

  44. darkuser999

    darkuser9997 days ago

    Why is CNN making this about social media etc. This is about Asian Americans being attacked. "doing excellent work".. You're kidding me right? I hadn't seen any coverage on this for like forever

  45. Юлия Васик

    Юлия Васик8 days ago

    The loud database chiefly unpack because meal encouragingly taste onto a cultured toilet. dispensable, female fertile bead

  46. NYCgirl1312

    NYCgirl13128 days ago

    Trevor, the asian communities are very thankful for your support and bringing all these hateful attacks to the public. Racist assaults against Asian american both verbally and physically have been ongoing throughout the pandemic. Many asian american are so scared to go anywhere these days. Very sad!


    SK ONTHEROAD8 days ago

    Good for her for thanking the NYPD!

  48. Scapegoat sBack

    Scapegoat sBack8 days ago

    I'm not just ashamed to be an American....

  49. Abhishek Khanolkar

    Abhishek Khanolkar8 days ago

    How sad.

  50. Norte sur

    Norte sur8 days ago

    In my country a racist person do this to a any human being and would be wipe out by civilians till he beg for forgiveness. Respect everyone. Greetings from Colombia South America.

  51. carlos villalobos

    carlos villalobos8 days ago

    Lol "not a hate crime"

  52. AMT

    AMT8 days ago

    Wow!! Excellent resolution to a disgusting, obscene incident!

  53. TP

    TP9 days ago

    firstly, arrest the hate crime gang leader Donald Trump, Pompeo, Ted Cruz, Nigel and others who instigate hate crimes against Asian and colors...also some media reporters.

  54. Big 50

    Big 509 days ago

    I like how the son was being real about not knowing for sure whether it was race related or not, but Jim and Alisyn kept trying to push the "asian hate crime" narrative. Shame on CNN for that

  55. Erin Smith

    Erin Smith9 days ago

    Can I please just say I'm upset that the news anchor said "I'm surprised she would miss this." As if praising other people, and not RECOVERING, should be her priority. Of COURSE she's sleeping! She was attacked you silly woman!

  56. Government Is untrustworthy

    Government Is untrustworthy9 days ago

    Oh CNN communist network news propaganda lies ffffffake news


    ANH CHIEM9 days ago

    His mom and dad raised him well . What a piece of 💩

  58. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin9 days ago

    I Call This: VIRTUAL POLICE.

  59. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus9 days ago

    If I wanted to

  60. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus9 days ago

    I changed the theory of gravity. The first since einstein and newton

  61. John Healer

    John Healer9 days ago

    That attacker must be an Alien,Humanity has no geographical boundaries be it Northern or Southern Hemispherians,leave alone Continents! Racism is INHUMANE.

  62. Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa9 days ago

    I bet that idiot that attacked that woman was an illegal immigrant.

  63. Nicssy - vlog

    Nicssy - vlog9 days ago

    U.S.A Do not be high because you are just a feet of the Europeans

  64. Nicssy - vlog

    Nicssy - vlog9 days ago

    dear U.S.A your RACE is NOT PERFECT #EMBARRASSING I am FILIPINA when I see a foreigner I say hi or hello not torturing or beaten because Filipino have respect to other people from different contry. NOT JUST SHOW OFF

  65. web3out

    web3out9 days ago

    Spreading racism and hatred should be called out as "crimes against humanity".... it is a source of all evils.

  66. Gluteus Maximus

    Gluteus Maximus9 days ago

    Let him fry at Rikers. Just for a couple of years. That should teach him.

  67. Rhino

    Rhino9 days ago

    Has everyone lost there damn mind!!?? First she lives in America she's American.. second you attack a little lady your pathetic!! It's time we grow up!! Act how this country was built!! By helping one another, not attacking each other.... This country needs to get back to what it was, what it means to be American.. we stand up for each other.. we protect the weak, not attack them... THATS what being American truly means!!!... Men and women have given everything to make us free... And this is how we honor them!!?? We should ALL be ashamed of ourselves!!! These colors don't run, but they do bleed.. they bleed to keep us free!! And to protect those who can't protect themselves!!! It's time we start acting like it damn it!!!!!!

  68. Storm

    Storm9 days ago

    Did I miss something.... since when is it ok for men to go laying hands on a Women??? People have lost all their morals!!

  69. Nestor Gonzalez

    Nestor Gonzalez9 days ago

    If i had been there, i would twisted tea that fool.

  70. Fortunato Wenceslao

    Fortunato Wenceslao9 days ago

    CNN needs to sensationalize this to gain top rating since their top body bag was gone now (Trump) Shame on you liberal hungry for ratings bias CNN garbage network.

  71. Joe Wagner

    Joe Wagner9 days ago

    My wife’s office was broke into once and her purse stolen. We had cameras that videotaped the man. His picture was posted on Facebook and so many people responded , even his cousin, and he was arrested and purse recovered. Unfortunately my wife had already cancelled her credit cards. Man only took money and took police to where he threw the purse. Social media exposure does work.

  72. Really89

    Really8910 days ago

    Good work by the actress and the NYPD. Shame on the perpetrator. I wonder, however, whether the NYPD went around body slamming and placing random white guys in choke holds on account of the fact that they shared the same colour of skin as the suspect, and so (goes the perverse logic) looked like the suspect? Hmm...🤔

  73. ICU

    ICU10 days ago

    Suddenly mob media does not believe in women...they loved Blasey Ford and she turned out to be a fraud, yet Cuomo is in the midst of a huge cover up and you don't even recognize his accusers....that's why your ratings suck, that's why you will always be fake news. Double standard hypocrites!!!..America is watching!!!

  74. bruce marrs

    bruce marrs10 days ago

    Awesome, Olivia's new job. Godspeed.

  75. 形老師Ethan

    形老師Ethan10 days ago

    The Mom ducked that box like a pro. He lost a box of bakery and his honour as a man by barely able to handle an old lady.

  76. Devout Lion

    Devout Lion10 days ago

    Defund the police how dare they stop crime !!!!!

  77. Mike Oxmall

    Mike Oxmall10 days ago

    How about that unbelievable POS that came up behind a 92 yr old Chinese man and smashed him him to the ground! Not a word said, the poor guy didn't even see it coming!! 😡

  78. kaylabalay

    kaylabalay10 days ago

    owosso middle school!

  79. TorstenHakonson

    TorstenHakonson10 days ago

    The people at the scene of the crime could have just caught him. If someone is assaulted like that, step in and do something instead of hanging around like a bunch of dingleberries.

  80. trainwreck told ya

    trainwreck told ya10 days ago

    I don't understand identity politics. Asian attack? I seen a person get attacked. You're a racist if your whole world evolves around race.

  81. Jean Nieves

    Jean Nieves10 days ago

    The Breathe of Life is Precious 🥇🦋❤️

  82. Jean Nieves

    Jean Nieves10 days ago

    Why ruin each other’s day of Life stop with stupidity and Ignorance come on people Be honest look at what We’re doing My Motto is I want you to Live so that I can live Too!!!. Gotta get Enlighten All this advanced technology And we still ain’t listening

  83. Jean Nieves

    Jean Nieves10 days ago

    It’s WRONG

  84. Jean Nieves

    Jean Nieves10 days ago

    This shit needs to stop

  85. Pall Mall

    Pall Mall10 days ago

    This is a joke right? You know how many people get jumped, raped, murdered in new york on the daily. OHHHH, but the "asian" thing is hot right now so lets just focus on that. You people gotta stop eating ALL the paint chips for real.

  86. Sidney Mathious

    Sidney Mathious11 days ago

    It is good that the man who did that was caught and is arrested and I hope they put him behind bars for some time.

  87. greg fuzi

    greg fuzi11 days ago

    Glad they got him.

  88. Anthony Bly

    Anthony Bly11 days ago

    Maybe New York City should elect a Mayor that knows how to run a city and protect it's people vs the jerk that is in office and knows nothing about policing and is responsible for uptick in crime. Idiots

  89. Darren Arni

    Darren Arni11 days ago

    muche respect to Munn for stepping in. Fuk'in media they'll never put it as a hate crime. They want to let the whole US know if you attack an Asian, it's not a crime but a mental issue on the attacker.

  90. olivia holly arandelovic

    olivia holly arandelovic11 days ago

    That's not the same guy.I swear to god this guys skin is much darker.The guy was sloppy bigger darker in completion .It just seems not the same person.But if I am right I know why they are doing thisI could be wrong why are they hiding his face.

  91. Kent payen

    Kent payen11 days ago

    NYC YEA thats what most people over are like...they see something wrong. They wont do sht to help...how sad its someone mom....cold world

  92. RetardWitAGun

    RetardWitAGun11 days ago

    "i'm surprised she's missing this..." i expected that from fox news, but cnn... you can do better than that

  93. trainwreck told ya

    trainwreck told ya10 days ago

    You really haven't been paying attention

  94. Mike O

    Mike O11 days ago

    Omg, the Media wants so much for it to be a hate crime. How pathetic !!! It was an assault and shouldn't have happened.

  95. K M

    K M11 days ago

    Michael van der Veen is clearly the legend of the week uslikes.info/house/dHmIlqyHom-amao/video.html They literally kicked the president off of social media, and they say his speech was never censored, Soo much BS Soo little time. Democrats are a joke, they should all be locked up and charged with treason. Including out sitting president and VP, and the speaker of the house and all the lying cheating democrat senators. Making our country a joke, u all need to go, and the ones that vote for them, should stop being brainwashed by their lies. They hate America, that’s why they want to make us a 3rd world country. Proving all Democrats are willing to ignore all laws to get rid of someone. Even a President of the United States. What would they do to you and I? Totally control is their goal. Democratics are guilty of riots Democratics should be impeached from office now.

  96. very contrary

    very contrary11 days ago


  97. Maggie Haynes

    Maggie Haynes11 days ago

    Omg CNN let's start another problem with us hating one another. Crazy people are crazy people. They will pick whoever is weak. That is a fact. This is absurd. This happened because this guy was nuts and this women was there at the wrong time. It could have been a little white women or black women or any race.The race card needs to stop. This video comes up on my USlikes feed. I don't subscribe to CNN,as a matter of fact I have emailed them and said please stop pushing your channel on my feed. CNN truly likes to make sure that we are still using the race card and still hating each other. Its truly sad that people can't see how they love to keep the drama going. I am in no way dismissing what happened to this elderly woman. I hope that the inmates find out what he did and kick his a..

  98. Georgie Man

    Georgie Man11 days ago

    @Maggie Haynes This was reported by the mother to her daughter. The daughter and Munn tweeted this. But without other corroboration, the cops couldn't introduce this as a possible angle which is why it is downplayed. There is no audio in the camera footage, unlike other encounters captured on camera. Now in case you are slow, Asian represents the weak, unable to fight back, speak English stereotype. This is a widespread experience, esp during this pandemic where numerous Asian people have reported being attacked. You are NOT Asian, you have not lived in the shoes of someone Asian so please spare us your tone-deaf jibber jabber ok. This has nothing to do with CNN. The only thing you probably know about Asians is the takeout you ordered last night and that's about the extent of it. Stop simplifying hateful and racist behavior as "crazy". It's irrational prejudiced behavior but it isn't mental illness. This guy Mateo is perfectly lucid, he even told the cops he knew why they came for him. If you don't know something, stay out of the discussion.

  99. Maggie Haynes

    Maggie Haynes11 days ago

    @Georgie Man No where in the interview did I hear about the attacker using a racial slur. ?So if he just attacks her because he us crazy that is not seen as a hate crime its assault.

  100. Georgie Man

    Georgie Man11 days ago

    So....lemme get this straight. If someone attacks me and calls me ch-nk, and I call out racism, it's somehow MY fault for pointing that out? I'm using the race card? I should just stick my head in the sand and pretend like nothing happened? Is that what you're saying? That's classic gaslighting. I don't think I need CNN to convince me to hate you. You just talked me into it.

  101. Doug M

    Doug M11 days ago

    More of obama`s sons just doing their thing.

  102. Diana Caycedo

    Diana Caycedo11 days ago


  103. Les Learning

    Les Learning11 days ago

    Yes the liberals have made NYC so much safer havent they? Crap it is getting to be one of the most dangerous cities in the US. No way would I ever travel there

  104. Felix

    Felix11 days ago

    When is CNN going to talk about racism towards blacks in asian countries