Keilar: Ted Cruz's bogus Cancun journey is hard to defend

CNN's Brianna Keilar breaks down the controversy surrounding Sen. Ted Cruz's family trip to Cancun, Mexico, while his home state suffered massive power outages and freezing temperatures.
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  1. John Connick

    John Connick21 minute ago

    Brianna is just so calm and has a brilliant sense of humor as well, this is why she is head and shoulders above any news reporter and CNN are so lucky to have her. I live in London in the UK and just enjoy Brianna rip apart Fox News and Trump and goonies answers. Keep up the great work Brianna.

  2. Mridul Agrawal

    Mridul AgrawalHour ago

    Really,a guy going on vacation is hard to defend,was he spending ur money there??,🤣🤣the fact that ur blood boils more on this than Cuomo,news which u were basically forced to cover,is just baffling

  3. Jason Oquinn

    Jason Oquinn4 hours ago

    Hey dude, why so angry? Could it be that you are actually not a woman? It's ok, just tell your viewers and be honest.

  4. Karon Sanchez

    Karon Sanchez11 hours ago

    Oh Ted!!! Not only are you LIEING AGAIN!!!! But you blamed your 2 daughters on your planned trip with your wife to Cancun Mexico. I am glad you and Texas are being sued for the death of the 11 year old boy who died from the storm because no heat. Brianna, thank you for showing the world just how horrible and shitty he is!!!

  5. Karon Sanchez

    Karon Sanchez11 hours ago

    Love Brianna! You are the best!!!

  6. Sunset Solutions

    Sunset Solutions19 hours ago

    Actually, its easy to defend. I thought liberals wanted Mexicans to have better lives. No better way for Mexicans to have better lives than for rich Americans to spend their money there. Cmon, liberals. Mexican Lives Matter.

  7. Michael Kaiser

    Michael Kaiser19 hours ago

    Why don’t we just worry about our country instead of such stupid stupid things that the news can’t wait to get out

  8. Michael Kaiser

    Michael Kaiser19 hours ago

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with that there wasn’t much he could do with no power and a great amount of snow in Texas he was thinking of his children

  9. Beverley Chrisjohn

    Beverley Chrisjohn20 hours ago

    Why is CNN still reporting on Chris Cuomo' bother's crimes against humanity, is CNN deflecting the American people?

  10. Beverley Chrisjohn

    Beverley Chrisjohn20 hours ago

    Chris Cuomo Brian Seltzer Jack Tapper were all listed on Epstein's Lolita Express flight log, why doesn't CNN report on this?

  11. Margie Bolen

    Margie Bolen21 hour ago

    Ted Cruz you're a LIAR

  12. Michael Wray

    Michael WrayDay ago

    ..." sorry pal! your deployment of treachery vwas a figment of ignorance".😎❤️🥰🇺🇸🤛 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣🤛

  13. Nigel Kent

    Nigel KentDay ago

    I think this fellow aught to resign

  14. jtpett39

    jtpett39Day ago

    Did Trump change the Republican party? Maybe they were always this way and Trump helped them show their true selves.

  15. sumkindalady

    sumkindaladyDay ago

    If he didn't have power... were there decent hotels in Texas?

  16. Joe Sef

    Joe SefDay ago

    Cruz and are deep swamp creatures .they exploit the country citizens and the system .they're really unethical awful corrupt men .

  17. Sharon Collins

    Sharon CollinsDay ago

    Liar Liar

  18. keke johnson

    keke johnson2 days ago

    When you have to explain yourself i already know you big Barney built lie

  19. Shannon Minor

    Shannon Minor2 days ago

    Teddy Cruz is a fool! Most politicians have a better ear for what is acceptable. He is a big idiot of a mess!

  20. Alan Truong

    Alan Truong2 days ago

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  21. Belinda Lee Pacete

    Belinda Lee Pacete3 days ago

    Tell that to the marines ...... Mr Cruz

  22. Sheila Akins_Swain

    Sheila Akins_Swain3 days ago

    People of Texas should place him and his family in a place and let them suffer the same way people of Texas is suffering. Take that lies and shove it where the moon don't shine


    • CYBERPUNK3 days ago

    Fox News 😂You can be a father who uses your own children as an escape goat for your wrong doings and be a senator who leaves his state in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. 😂😂 come on Texas surly you can vote for someone with more integrity

  24. Natasha Clark

    Natasha Clark3 days ago

    Ted & Heidi Cruzed on over the border, blamed their own kids & left the dog. 🤭 #weakestlink

  25. Joseph Dunn

    Joseph Dunn3 days ago

    Keilar I love you and how you give the news, straight up, no fakery. 🤗


    CASPIAN DUTCHESS3 days ago


  27. Marmaduke the Cat

    Marmaduke the Cat3 days ago

    Girl... PLEASE stop with the music lyrics in the begining. I like you as an anchor (is that what she's considered?? I have no idea) but I usually like her but the lyrics stuff makes her look dumb. Please stop! lol

  28. Sandra Nunes

    Sandra Nunes4 days ago

    You Double Crosser Ted Cruz. !! Kama will Hit you.

  29. Sandra Nunes

    Sandra Nunes4 days ago

    LIAR !!! Ted Cruz. Good on you Keilar !! Ya he blames his Kids. !! Caught in the Act. !!!!!

  30. Brian Mitchell

    Brian Mitchell3 days ago

    at least he didnt sleep with a Chinese spy, put kids in a shipping container or kill thousands of elderly people like your DNC masters. poor sad brainwashed DNC piece of shit, probably why you watch CNN.

  31. VegaTheSagePigeon

    VegaTheSagePigeon4 days ago

    More like Christmas with the Kranks than NL’s Christmas Vacation

  32. USA AKA Titanic

    USA AKA Titanic4 days ago

    Democrats policies are hard to defend.

  33. Levy Burnett

    Levy Burnett4 days ago

    That roll the tape segment had me rolling!!😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂! How can u not love this woman!?

  34. Benji Lando

    Benji Lando4 days ago

    Senator Cruz did nothing wrong. He took his family to were it was warm and he was working at being the senator the whole time and was in contact with the gov, something that fake news cnn did not tell you. CNN and the democrats are against good but they are on the side of evil (black lives matter)

  35. LUAN 89 TONY

    LUAN 89 TONY5 days ago

    Just back to Cuba

  36. scott me

    scott me5 days ago

  37. kjnest

    kjnest5 days ago

    More time on this then Gov. Cuomo??? Really?

  38. SolidArnoŚĆ 966

    SolidArnoŚĆ 9665 days ago

    This woman is like an attack dog for CNN. It's hilarious.

  39. tj8422

    tj84225 days ago

    Hilarious intro. Lol.

  40. James Mcbeth

    James Mcbeth5 days ago

    Cruz = 💩

  41. James Wyman

    James Wyman5 days ago

    The only people these Republicans serve is themselves, people need to wake up and realize that we do not need them.

  42. James Wyman

    James Wyman5 days ago

    Ted Cruz resign, and take all your republican friends including Donald Trump and go somewhere like Fantasy Island

  43. Maria Poggi

    Maria Poggi5 days ago

    Bull Cruz.

  44. Maria Poggi

    Maria Poggi5 days ago

    Haydee, time to Dump Ted Cruz and get yourself a real man. He ever defended you,he lies and throws you and your girls under the bus.Awful Cruz has excuses all the. Time"

  45. Marie Collins

    Marie Collins5 days ago

    You are the sad sign!

  46. Nancy Alexander-Carreira

    Nancy Alexander-Carreira5 days ago

    Go TF home, Ted!!!

  47. Joseph Guidry

    Joseph Guidry5 days ago

    You the one that caused this you trump in others dumbass

  48. John Prince

    John Prince6 days ago


  49. Commie clowns

    Commie clowns6 days ago

    Democrats are the new facist kill them before hitler(Biden) gets more power

  50. JM horn

    JM horn6 days ago

    If CNN could only clean up their own nasty door step first before dumping on someone else over nothing!

  51. fred andy

    fred andy6 days ago

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  52. Miami Beach

    Miami Beach6 days ago

    Hillary’s Benghazi case should’ve been harder to defend and nobody cared, Ted Cruz didn’t caused harm to anybody so leave him alone

  53. pitt 495

    pitt 4956 days ago

    cnn doomsday will be knocking at your door real soooooooon ....... 👊 👊

  54. Frances Slubik

    Frances Slubik6 days ago

    Forbes: 4.6 million dollars net worth. Cruz seems to know how to generate funds for himself; what about for Texans?

  55. george mira

    george mira6 days ago

    AOC raised over 5 million for TX suffering, when i last paid attention. It was undoubtedly more. (Disclosure: i did raise a couple dead Benjamins for her reelection from my wallet, as her ethical consideration, care, and intelligence, is, visibly from a continent away, superior to my own. I recommend her as future president)

  56. Randall Warren

    Randall Warren6 days ago

    How low can you get when you pull your kids into it you know just step up and just tell the truth you know you thought you could go get warm why everybody else grows your ass off and you were laughing while you were doing it so just tell the truth keep your kids out of it

  57. Ernesto Munoz

    Ernesto Munoz6 days ago

    Hahahaha Ted Cruz he needs to get out of the heat that’s why he was going on vacation

  58. Randall Warren

    Randall Warren6 days ago

    The governor put some chapstick on before he kisses my ass cuz that's all he's trying to do is kiss ass

  59. Ernesto Munoz

    Ernesto Munoz6 days ago

    Ted Cruise

  60. Kenny C Nez

    Kenny C Nez6 days ago

    I like to know how he represent anyone and not go through what his voters go through. He doesn't know because when the people he represents times, their Rico Republican leave them out to die, while he fly away to enjoy life in another country. The Rico Republican Treasonous Traitors are brainwashing and using their voters to steal their money for power and control, then saying fuc the voters by actions


    I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:46 days ago

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  62. Linda Spilka

    Linda Spilka6 days ago

    How about directing your focus to actual criminals. Like Cuomo? Fake news just keeps on getting more fake as the days go on

  63. Robert Snay

    Robert Snay6 days ago

    Ah yes the Clinton news network. Business as usual trash republicans and praise democrats. Before you attack me . I’m neither . Both sides only care about themselves not the common people

  64. Chungwei Wang

    Chungwei Wang7 days ago

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  65. its bill gates to you son.

    its bill gates to you son.7 days ago

    How do you throw your daughters under the bus though? I just don't get it what is wrong with him.

  66. Re Ga

    Re Ga7 days ago

    The four frail laugh weekly apologise because output ecologically happen notwithstanding a infamous carriage. abortive, scary twist

  67. Rachel Jamieson

    Rachel Jamieson7 days ago

    Seriously America?.. you guys aren't doing well with voting the right people into power these last few/several years. This joke is such a bad liar

  68. Matthew La

    Matthew La7 days ago

    oops.!!!.....wrong click to Fake News CNN..!!......Trash News

  69. altovise butler

    altovise butler7 days ago

    LOL 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂

  70. Robert Tyndall

    Robert Tyndall7 days ago

    Children please, he did what 99.9℅ of people would do then lie about it like 110℅ of people would do when they get called out. Gossip! Gotcha, how about investigate a few libs or dems now that would be news!😛

  71. Trena Jorgensen

    Trena Jorgensen7 days ago

    What a typical lier politician ugh

  72. Egypt Nolastname

    Egypt Nolastname7 days ago


  73. Piolet007 piolet

    Piolet007 piolet7 days ago

    Trash 🗑

  74. Emu Riddle

    Emu Riddle7 days ago

    That's the problem with those guys. They bully people. Take whatever they want. And expect the rest of us to pay for their abuse. Just like what they did to their own people in Texas.

  75. Pepe Q

    Pepe Q7 days ago

    Let me understand, when its hot our family leaves to somewhere cold and when its cold we go somewhere warmer? But im supposed to care about ll state politicians doing the same because...?.

  76. Terry Sutherland

    Terry Sutherland7 days ago

    When most people think of a cruise that's full of crap, they think of Carnival. Texans think of Ted.

  77. Marcella Sheridan

    Marcella Sheridan7 days ago

    Someone should have asked him WHY did you have to travel when your wife was going anyway.

  78. Evelyn Royston

    Evelyn Royston7 days ago

    Cartels should have dealt with his sorry Ass. For saying what he said. They going to get his dumb ASS

  79. Evelyn Royston

    Evelyn Royston7 days ago

    This guy is a real jerk! He couldn't care less about people. Too bad the plane couldn't fly. I wish they would have said no to him.

  80. onlyJESUSSsaves John3-16

    onlyJESUSSsaves John3-167 days ago

    Allow democrats rule for another 100 years. There will be no one left in America. When all men are married to men and women likewise. Where do our next generation come from?

  81. You mad bruh?

    You mad bruh?7 days ago

    Look at the way democrats defend governor cuomo and you’ll see its not hard at all.

  82. Deb wright

    Deb wright7 days ago

    Ted Cruz is a liar, blatant liar, and continues to do so. 😳😳

  83. Deb wright

    Deb wright7 days ago

    Just confirmation of how racist and autocratic of a dictatorship America is trying to become. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are still in office after going against the electoral college based on a known lie. They knew better and should be removed from office along with others who did the same.😒😒😒

  84. Robert Jack

    Robert Jack8 days ago

    NOT... Right On CRUZ F... CNN

  85. Force Inducted

    Force Inducted8 days ago

    I live in San Antonio TEXAS! I had gas and water the WHOLE TIME!!!! and so did everyone around my neighborhood and next door subdivision, next subdivision after that, my buddy who has an older house did lose water due to his pipes freezing for 3 days but never lost heat. It was bad,but not as bad as you guys are making it seem.. now I see why I don’t watch CNN. Just some insight coming from a Mexican from TEXAS! GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  86. Enma Fernandez

    Enma Fernandez8 days ago

    Just like you Cruz, shame you are Hispanic, people dying and you dont care

  87. Enma Fernandez

    Enma Fernandez8 days ago

    Liers you end up paying about 20,000$

  88. Kong Thai

    Kong Thai8 days ago

    Senator Ted Cruz is so smart. TEXAN STYLE manipulation. What hit Texas, why Governor Abbott couldn't manage it well. So Ted Cruz is so cool..... he waits for MEDIA RULE USA to make a lot noise. Then he can work on WHAT HAPPEN TO CRISIS MANAGEMENT, Texan style. We watch. 🤣

  89. Tiara Roxeanne

    Tiara Roxeanne8 days ago

    WTF, Texans? This is your best man, the one you sent to the Capitol? I'm sorry you got one of the worst blackout in modern America, but hey, you voted for the people who made it happened.🤷

  90. H O

    H O8 days ago

    Can’t imagine how beautiful i like Keilar’s way of speaking ......

  91. Elle OConnor

    Elle OConnor8 days ago

    Big deal. Get over it.

  92. Roger Walters

    Roger Walters8 days ago

    You people of Texas,I can just pray for Texas. I just want to say something about Mr Cruz, the problems that youse are having, don't let that men put that trip on his kids and their friends.he did something Stupid, because he didn't want to be where the problems was, he not a man that didn't know what to do, just like trump with the Virus, on the top of all that, his making jokes out of it.

  93. Joy Fanning

    Joy Fanning8 days ago

    He STARTED to have second thoughts AFTER he got on a plane. I hope Texas destroys him on the next poll.

  94. Joy Fanning

    Joy Fanning8 days ago

    This lady rocks. And Cruz...he pussied out just like 95% of the gop.

  95. Tess Montenegro

    Tess Montenegro8 days ago

    Hoping he won't be reelected next time. Texas will remember what you did Cruz.

  96. Rose wright Wright

    Rose wright Wright8 days ago

    That's not a man with the capacity to do the work, but hell,he's all about the perks. Don't look for Cruz to do anything but collect.

  97. Megha Shyam

    Megha Shyam8 days ago

    I enjoy Briana's efforts here. She is excellent.

  98. K Momzilla

    K Momzilla8 days ago


  99. wt30001

    wt300018 days ago

    Hey Ted you should of stayed in Mexico you are no help to anyone in her state. Ted is a liar, fits well with trump.

  100. wt30001

    wt300018 days ago

    Ted Cruz equals pointless, worthless and big liar. Hey Texas vote him out.

  101. Martincito

    Martincito8 days ago

    He’s Ted “1,000 Faces” Cruz