Biden used 3 key stats to make a point. They weren't true

During President Joe Biden's CNN town hall, he made several false statistical claims. Here's what you need to know.
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  1. Lynn Gatrell

    Lynn Gatrell6 hours ago

    So, who at CNN got fired for this?

  2. Curtis Bischof

    Curtis Bischof14 hours ago

    The BNN, Biden News Network, may soon also tell us where Hunter is. I'm holding my breath. No, I'm holding it.

  3. Douglas Neidert

    Douglas Neidert15 hours ago

    Biden telling lies? Imagine that. That's never happened before. And if you believe that, I'll sell you some ocean front property in Nebraska

  4. DeuceTresFour

    DeuceTresFour21 hour ago

    Lmao CNN biden? Guess the checks stopped coming huh?

  5. Angela Baiers

    Angela Baiers21 hour ago

    What are the Stats on illegals pouring in for Feb & March 2021 under Biden Admin? They are unvetted, no medical exams, releasing Positive Covid illegals by bus & airplanes to States & cities all across US.

  6. Lana Lorenz

    Lana LorenzDay ago

    Biden is the ruination of our nation.

  7. Q Hunter

    Q HunterDay ago

    No, it’s called objectively and intelligently reporting the news. (Unlike the FOX & Newsmax Qanon channels)

  8. Maggie Wouters

    Maggie WoutersDay ago


  9. Maggie Wouters

    Maggie WoutersDay ago


  10. Chris Wallace

    Chris WallaceDay ago

    Biden fake president.

  11. Joel Dowling

    Joel DowlingDay ago

    CNN should fact check that 11 million number, it is a very old estimate, many say it is at least 22 million possible more than that.

  12. Eric Rejanovinshi

    Eric RejanovinshiDay ago

    WOW! CNN is FACT-CHECKING Joe Biden?

  13. Frank Artieta

    Frank ArtietaDay ago

    what can anyone expect from baked potato biden

  14. Tim Henry

    Tim HenryDay ago

    CNN and polosi wants Harris anyway.

  15. James Stoneburner

    James StoneburnerDay ago

    Only two are not true honesty and unity.



    CNN only found 3 things that biden got wrong. Keep looking people, you have got hundreds more to find, if you really want to look. I don't believe you do..

  17. Mike Weber

    Mike WeberDay ago

    No State Of the Union schedule yet. Why? Because the Dems are panic stricken they can't figure out where to place Joe's 3 foot monitor that he reads from. They also don't want him to stand up and address the Nation for and hour as he will become unfiltered and stumbling, bumbling, and drooling. The speech will eventually take place in the Oval Office where Dementia Joe can read from the monitor where the TV audience can not see it. It will be the shortest address in history.

  18. Yrrab 23

    Yrrab 23Day ago

    CNN have started the get rid of biden already

  19. John Fisher

    John FisherDay ago

    Is it still only 11million?

  20. Thomas Sindler

    Thomas Sindler2 days ago

    Democrats math? Is hard to believe. !!!! And so is joe.

  21. Gabriel Mendoza22

    Gabriel Mendoza222 days ago

    People that are surprised CNN is not going easy on Democrats came here from FOX News where they go extraordinarily easy on Republicans while claiming CNN is a far leftist news network.

  22. ma**ield Mi*k

    ma**ield Mi*k2 days ago

    Hats off to cnn.never thought I would see this but you have to give credit to where it's due(grandad always said that!).in good journalism the truth is what really counts.light will always beat darkness! Cheers USA. from NZ 🇳🇿 🇺🇸

  23. James Honiball

    James Honiball2 days ago

    Waffle waffle waffle ... so sad that this man is seen as the most powerful leader in the world! What a fraud!

  24. Kevin Dismore

    Kevin Dismore2 days ago

    Why is it there’s been 11 million undocumented workers since 1990s and it hasn’t gone up? It appears that they don’t want the truth at all. If the truth came out it would change peoples opinion on migration.

  25. Mj m

    Mj m2 days ago

    CNN is actually doing their job for once...I doubt it will last😂

  26. joshk8052

    joshk80522 days ago

    I want more Real news from CNN! Glad to see their choice candidate is completely lacking in his facts as he is cognitive speaking ability democrats need to realize they voted in two idiots who need to fact checked on every sentence and forced out of office for being completely idiotic and unfit to "try" to lead a country as if they could. Instead of answering to the public as a public official they hide behind the circle back girl!

  27. Andrew Herman

    Andrew Herman2 days ago

    what? CNN being critical of its precious fake Prez? maybe they're getting ready to can him & bring in Harris.

  28. paul Swank

    paul Swank2 days ago

    Oh my God CNN calling out falsehoods I dont believe it

  29. Justice 4 Juicy

    Justice 4 Juicy2 days ago

    Wow CNN, you might be winning me back round, keep up the truth no matter who it's about.

  30. Daniel Pearce

    Daniel Pearce2 days ago

    Goes to show that Biden is still a LIAR

  31. Christine Foster

    Christine Foster2 days ago

    Because China keeps all the money I've never seen people treat so badly

  32. Vic Martin

    Vic Martin2 days ago


  33. Troy C

    Troy C2 days ago

    Wow I am surprise CNN did their homework and gave a honest exert.

  34. jeff marks

    jeff marks2 days ago

    Anderson knew he was lying and let him go. Despicable.

  35. Ricky Daughtry

    Ricky Daughtry2 days ago

    Biden with his modern hair style is beginning to look like Woddy Wood Pecker. This just shows that he is on top off things and a man about town. Biden is super Mod. and hip. And can lead us right on into and through the gates of HELL. You go Hipster.

  36. Jackie Bond

    Jackie Bond2 days ago

    So CNN know the truth. They just don't use it

  37. Jim Bridges

    Jim Bridges2 days ago

    Wow cnn actual news

  38. Justin Knott

    Justin Knott2 days ago

    So as usual talking out of his ARSE

  39. NH_Hillbilly

    NH_Hillbilly2 days ago the boot polish making you say mean things about the POTATUS??? Careful my may get sniffed.

  40. J Connolly

    J Connolly2 days ago

    Well this guy is gonna get fired now for stating facts. CNN can still suck it. Kudos to this guy.

  41. NyteSong

    NyteSong2 days ago

    Wow.... CNN? Fact checking Biden. I'm.... Impressed.

  42. Simon Cohen

    Simon Cohen2 days ago

    For all those saying cnn fact checked biden and something must be wrong is the plan this way biden looks bad they get rid of him and they finally get kamala as president like they wanted from the start so not that surprising

  43. Don Laster

    Don Laster2 days ago

    Wow. A cnn reporter Not afraid to call out bumbling biden!!

  44. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden2 days ago

    Is anyone else surprised that this information comes out long after the election I'm sure CNN had no idea that these were lies to begin with.

  45. Jeffrey Saloka

    Jeffrey Saloka2 days ago

    The blind leading the blind, 😔 It *is* easier to just stick your head in the sand and *pretend* everything is okay, 😔 Everyone likes the easy button until there's nothing to eat and there is no one to trust, 🧐

  46. Janice Smith2

    Janice Smith22 days ago

    CNN sucks

  47. Janice Smith2

    Janice Smith22 days ago

    Hey cnn, fact-check yourself. There are not 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S. There are more than 22 million. Probably up to 30 million by now with China Joe in charge. Not that it matters any more - we’re phucked.

  48. Gary Hagmayer

    Gary Hagmayer2 days ago

    Come on Man! Biden has been lying for 47 years.

  49. Andrew Austin

    Andrew Austin2 days ago

    And the process to get him out so harris can take over starts. Given how CNN and the other mainstream media worked so hard to conceal the level of cognitive impairment with joe biden it's disgusting your now happy to expose it. People the democratic party, mainstream media and social media all worked to mislead and lie to you about a presidential candidate if you allow this your country and your right to complain are both dead.

  50. Rogger Barnes

    Rogger Barnes2 days ago

    Biden don’t know which end is up !

  51. Pat Kelly

    Pat Kelly2 days ago

    The game plan is obvious. Ease Biden out because of 'ill health' (he wasn't fit for purpose in the first place) and slot Harris in, someone whom almost nobody ever voted for and Hillary Clinton-level unlikeable. When you see even CNN doing this, you know the plan is in motion.

  52. Grayson Dieterich

    Grayson Dieterich2 days ago

    They should be bringing up his decrease in cognitively ability if they want to prove they are a legit news source.

  53. Mike Oshea

    Mike Oshea2 days ago

    Lies, shocking. The man hasn't told the truth to us yet. Heard he graduated top of his class. Come on man!

  54. Doug Holt

    Doug Holt2 days ago are a CNN Reporter. And making nasty hurtful comments to correct lies....sorry....faulty claims against the ....joe biden chap

  55. Baard2000

    Baard20002 days ago

    Is this reporter deepfake ? Or this channel secretely FOX?? Or is this CNN channel hacked by FOX and ..... This video is FAKE news for sure or not?

  56. prince honey

    prince honey2 days ago

    He's a jerkoff

  57. Ian Willans

    Ian Willans3 days ago


  58. A X

    A X3 days ago

    No one has a problem with fact checking if it’s real fact checking for both sides no matter who it is. It’s pathetic when the fafc checking and censoring is pushed on one side

  59. Wedgie Pantilles

    Wedgie Pantilles3 days ago

    CNN FACTS????!!! Truth?! I need to lie down in a darkened room now. Thanks for that, CNN.

  60. tclass99

    tclass993 days ago

    So CNN is making a half-hearted attempt to “fact check” their boy in the most sterile, meaningless way possible.... Hooray.

  61. smirkingdevil

    smirkingdevil3 days ago

    This is borderline elder abuse.

  62. Kerstin tryggen

    Kerstin tryggen3 days ago

    Seems like the prophecies comming true about Trump, paraphrasing "even the media will start to like him" and he will sit 2 terms.. and more and more "never trumpers" r waking up to the fact that he really cared about the country and people.. hes gonna win next election (not selection, like this latest "election" was)

  63. Chris Jaramillo

    Chris Jaramillo3 days ago

    Empty head biden

  64. GᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴOғMɪɴᴅs

    GᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴOғMɪɴᴅs3 days ago

    Goooo brrrtttt dislike button

  65. X Y

    X Y3 days ago

    It’s just sad to see this liar destroy America.

  66. Gerald Mahoney

    Gerald Mahoney3 days ago

    The man would turn to coal if he ever told the truth. Without a teleprompter he's lost!


    CARLOS BARAJAS3 days ago

    This guy probably got fired for telling the truth. The truth is cnn's kryptonite .

  68. col mcm

    col mcm3 days ago

    I wish I could take my vote back , I made a massive mistake voting joe

  69. Don Gann

    Don Gann3 days ago

    Whataya say we have a press conference and entertain questions from both liberal and conservative reporters Joe. C’mon man.

  70. Phillip Rose

    Phillip Rose3 days ago

    Joebama is lying, his lips are moving definite proof hes lying!

  71. Jonah Fitzgerrald

    Jonah Fitzgerrald3 days ago

    Wait.. CNN calling out joe blow? This guys already fired🤣

  72. Neil MacKenzie

    Neil MacKenzie3 days ago

    Joe is a hero , his will end cancer , he landed a rover on Mars, he got the vaccine, he put over 800,000 americans out of work .......psssst , hey buddy , ignore that last one or spin it better , oh sorry. Joe has made it possible for over 800,000 americans to stay home a bond with there family's. For four years everything good that happens will be because of Joe , if something back happens it will be because of the previous administration

  73. Jacques Pasquinel

    Jacques Pasquinel3 days ago

    The old man is doing his best, give him a break CNN!

  74. Mark Novak

    Mark Novak2 days ago

    It's Trump's fault the old man is senile, didn't you know?

  75. not your friendly nebiegbor

    not your friendly nebiegbor3 days ago

  76. Bob Blaszczak

    Bob Blaszczak3 days ago

    One thing that biden said today when he woke up that is true... Joe: "Where the hell am I?" Jill: "you're in the White House." Joe: "And who the hell are you?" Jill: "Joe, I'm your wife." Joe: "Who's Joe?"

  77. Jim Mcdevitt

    Jim Mcdevitt3 days ago

    Well that CNN reporter is gonna get fired.

  78. Michael Trimble

    Michael Trimble3 days ago

    Good fact check!

  79. Brian Hassett

    Brian Hassett3 days ago

    I can't believe I'm seeing this on CNN.

  80. Pat Kelly

    Pat Kelly2 days ago

    Believe it. It's the start of the plan to slide Biden out, this was the end game all along. Get ready for that creep Harris.

  81. Rose Wilhelm

    Rose Wilhelm3 days ago

    Beijine biden is a proven lier so no surprise!

  82. Steve Salyer

    Steve Salyer3 days ago

    I know crazy right cnn reporting

  83. Kevin Piche

    Kevin Piche3 days ago

    Omg CNN telling the truth !!! WTF

  84. Auggie Easteregg

    Auggie Easteregg3 days ago

    That moment when CNN criticizes Biden

  85. Michael Barbuto

    Michael Barbuto3 days ago

    Is this the actual real CNN? Can't be.

  86. kent porter

    kent porter3 days ago

    CNN , No TRump to talk about , WOW now they tell facts , Open the Boarder is gonna be really bad , the shit is gonna hit the fan !!!!!!!!!

  87. Argiri Zorbas

    Argiri Zorbas3 days ago

    Cnn fact checked him ???

  88. Don Hinojosa

    Don Hinojosa3 days ago

    CNN putting this?!?!?! Thought he was your man??

  89. Gerry Hoss

    Gerry Hoss3 days ago

    Is the snake starting to eat it's own tail?

  90. Brent dykgraaf

    Brent dykgraaf3 days ago

    Communist news network accidentally told the truth? Can it be?......nope. somebody getting fired.

  91. Matt Wedemeyer

    Matt Wedemeyer3 days ago

    I'm just waiting for the day that his vice president has Joe Biden committed to the funny farm sticking him out to pasture with the chickens then again the chickens are probably a hell of a lot smarter then Joe Biden

  92. Patrick Little

    Patrick Little3 days ago

    Wow didn't expect to see CNN fact checking the puppet

  93. CLAY Snyder

    CLAY Snyder3 days ago

    Anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and has for years!

  94. Yvonne Ortiz

    Yvonne Ortiz3 days ago

    He has dimension

  95. EJ Gorey

    EJ Gorey3 days ago

    Looks like CNN finally hired a journalist!

  96. Bewild Erment

    Bewild Erment3 days ago

    They have been using the 11 million number for 15 years, ain't nooo way it's 11 million.

  97. Jamie Robertson

    Jamie Robertson4 days ago

    About time a CNN reporter actually reported Congrats Daniel well done from Australia 👍🏽

  98. Kelvie Carlile

    Kelvie Carlile4 days ago

    Just let me hear from Chris Cuomo's mouth before I believe it. Thank God CNN has such a good,honest hard hitting ,vurtuous, journalist to tell us the truth about the truth so we know what to believe. God bless you Christopher Cuomo . God bless you so much. Please Lord, give Chris my spot in Heaven. # CNN paradigm of truth.

  99. Kelvie Carlile

    Kelvie Carlile4 days ago

    The headline should read WOW , CNN actually fact checked a main stream democrat. Better check to see if Hell has frozen over.

  100. Pam M

    Pam M4 days ago

    It's really sad but Joe wont last 6 mo. The stress of his position will exacerbate his dementia.

  101. ron Richardson

    ron Richardson4 days ago

    Joe doesn't know what day it is much less what the truth is. What idiots voted for this dementia patient.

  102. gino bedard

    gino bedard4 days ago

    How can you live with your self Mr President